See what didn’t happen this week

A summary of some of the most popular but not completely true stories and visuals of the week. None of these are legal, even if they are widely shared on social media. The Associated Press checked them out. Here is the fact:


Post falsely claims that vaccinated American Airlines pilot died in flight

Claims: In two recent incidents during a flight departing from Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, an American Airlines pilot died of myocarditis caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

Fact: These incidents did not occur, an American Airlines spokesman confirmed in an email to the Associated Press. This week, thousands of social media users shared a horrifying article that falsely claimed to provide evidence of why “vaxxed pilots shouldn’t fly.” In this article, I shared two examples of incidents that occurred on American Airlines flights from DFW to Fort Myers, Florida, and from DFW to Los Angeles. One pilot experienced cardiac arrest during the flight, and the other claimed to “begin convulsions and vomiting” during the flight, both dying before the plane landed. In this article, both deaths are attributed to myocarditis, an inflammation of the myocardium that is rarely associated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Both pilots said they had recently received a second COVID-19 vaccination. In a final allegation from an anonymous source, the article stated that “there were at least 12 non-fatal incidents, including a pilot who recently took a jab.” These allegations are “all wrong,” American Airlines spokesman Whitney The Straw confirmed in an email to AP. An internet search revealed last month a claim that surfaced on RealRaw News, a website that includes: Disclaimer Includes “humor, parody, satire”.A similar story that hit the market last month False claim A recently vaccinated Delta pilot died during the flight. We have confirmed that neither Delta Air Lines nor the Federal Aviation Administration are aware of incidents that match this description. Very rarely, teens and young adults vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna do not experience the serious side effects of myocarditis. It is predominantly in young men and teenage boys and usually occurs after the second dose. Even if myocarditis develops after vaccination, it is usually mild and recovers quickly, AP reported..

— New York Associated Press author Ali Swenson contributed to this report


The widely shared video priest fell, but did not die

Claim: The video shows that a COVID-19 vaccinated priest died suddenly during a live stream.

Fact: According to a Facebook video posted by a church in Acapulco, Mexico, the priest collapsed during the Mass but did not die. The priest stood in front of the congregation the next day and later in the month, showing additional video from the church. A social media post falsely claimed that the one-minute video clip showed a priest who died suddenly from the side effects of the vaccine while leading religious service. Clips of the Collapsed Priest have been in circulation online since at least. September 3, And appeared in several Spanish news reports on September 4th. The church is livestreaming some of its religious services on its Facebook page. The church called Palo Keanu Estra Senora de Guadalu Perena de Mexico does not seem to have a video on the page dated September 3rd, September 4, The same priest appears in front of his congregation. In the video, the priest speaks to the congregation in Spanish, referring to “yesterday’s incident.” He thanked God for the fact that he was standing, and at the doctor’s suggestion, he said he would rest for a few days to see what was happening in his health. video Posted by the church later In September, it shows that the same priest is standing in front of the congregation again. It was not immediately clear if the priest had been vaccinated with COVID-19. The church did not respond to emails requesting more information.

— The Associated Press writer Ali Swenson of New York and Abril Mulato of Mexico City contributed to this report.


Pelosi did not buy a $ 25 million mansion in Florida

Claim: The photo shows a $ 25 million home purchased by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in Florida.

Fact: Pelosi’s office said, “There is no such pending sale,” and the brokerage firm that listed the property also confirmed that the buyer was not the speaker. Various posts that are widespread on Facebook and Twitter falsely claimed to be displaying photos of a $ 25 million home in Florida purchased by Pelosi.The photo comes from the list of Oceanfront, 10,000 sq ft property Located on South Beach Road on Jupiter Island. A Pelosi spokesman argued against the allegations and denied considering moving to Florida. “This information is inaccurate,” Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hanmil said in an email to the Associated Press. “There is no such pending sale and the family is not looking for or interested.” Bethberg, owner of Southern Shore Property, a listed securities firm, said the house is under contract. He said he confirmed that the purchaser was not Pelosi or her family. “It’s a floating rumor, and it’s getting bigger and bigger,” Burke said. A representative of the person who bought the property also told AP that the purchaser was not Pelosi, but someone living nearby. He added that Pelosi wasn’t buying it either. Another luxury home It is located on South Beach Road, which has recently sold well. “She has nothing to do with buyers or sellers,” said Rob Thomson, owner of the waterfront property.

— Philadelphia’s Associated Press author Angelo Fichera contributed to this report.


Contrary to false claims online, Fox News was not banned from the UK

Claim: Fox News has been banned from working in the UK for promoting the right-wing “propaganda.”

Fact: UK regulators did not ban Fox News from operating in the region. Fox News voluntarily stopped broadcasting in the UK in 2017 because it did not get enough viewers. Posts claiming that Fox News was “banned” by the UK as “propaganda” were widely disseminated on Twitter. However, according to both Fox News and the UK authorities, these claims are false. 21st Century Fox, the former parent company of Fox News, announced in August 2017 that it will stop broadcasting Fox News due to the low audience rating of the channel in the UK. A Fox News spokesperson introduced the Associated Press with a statement made by 21st Century Fox at the time. 21st Century Fox was subsequently acquired by Disney. “Fox News focuses on the US market and is designed for US viewers, so there are an average of thousands of viewers a day in the UK,” the statement said. “We have concluded that continuing to offer Fox News in the UK is not our commercial interest.” Ofcom, the UK’s telecommunications industry regulator, confirms that Fox News is not banned from the region. Did. A few months after Fox News withdrew from the UK, Ofcom determined in November 2017 that the channel violated the rules of fairness earlier that year. Ofcom quoted reports from January 2017 that former President Donald Trump has banned travel from several Muslim-dominated countries in the “Hanity” program. According to the agency bulletin.. Authorities ruled that “Tucker Carlson Tonight” also violated the same rules while reporting a terrorist attack in Manchester in May 2017. But, again, the regulatory decision was unrelated to the previous Fox News withdrawal from the region.

— Phoenix Associated Press author Josh Kelety contributed to this report


The post mistakenly confuses the civil proceedings with the Ghislaine Maxwell criminal case.

Allegations: A recently unsealed court document shows a list of defendants, including several celebrities, named “collusions” in Ghislaine Maxwell’s criminal case.

Fact: The list of defendants is not part of an ongoing criminal proceeding against Maxwell.It’s coming because it’s been fired since Civil lawsuit This is separate from Maxwell’s upcoming trial. Social media users have circulated a list of names and companies a few months ago, falsely claiming to be a conspirator in Maxwell’s criminal case. Get ready to face the trial On suspicion, she groomed a minor victim and had unwanted sex with her ex-boyfriend, the late shameful financier Jeffrey Epstein. However, this list stems from another civil lawsuit filed in August 2020, which was dismissed as “flirty” in less than a month. The dismissed civil proceedings nominated nearly 40 defendants, including Epstein, JAY-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Disney and Universal Music Group. Maxwell was included as the 31st defendant on the list. Plaintiffs have stated that during the thirty years, defendants “due to sexual assault, sexual trafficking, and other exploitative abuse” to “illegally monitor, administer drugs, and kidnap” them. Defendants from their mother, colluding. Louis L. Stanton, a U.S. district judge in southern New York, dismissed the proceedings on behalf of a plaintiff who appeared to be a non-lawyer without legal or factual grounds. In addition, it depends on the dismissal order. Some social media users circulate excerpts from court documents and falsely claim that they are recently opened from Maxwell’s criminal case. However, two different proceedings, a civil proceeding and a Maxwell criminal proceeding, are confused.Maxwell arrested July 2020 after grand jury Prosecution She in multiple federal crimes. US District Judge Allison J. Nathan will preside over Maxwell’s criminal trial in Federal Court of Justice in Manhattan. Moreover, in the case of Maxwell, no list of such “collusionists” has been published. Nathan also said that according to a previous report by AP, only certain pages of the list seized by the investigator (showing a section showing the name of the alleged victim) would be evidence and would be dropped in court. It was revealed that there was no such thing. The trial is scheduled to begin on November 29th.Maxwell Acquitted Denied her accusations and cheating.Epstein Suicide in federal detention center In August 2019, while waiting for a trial on charges of sexual trafficking.

— Atlanta’s Associated Press writer Sophia Tulp contributed to this report.


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