See what the new Mrs. Affleck wore on her big day


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were very gorgeous brides and grooms at their wedding in Las Vegas last weekend.

On Sunday, July 17, Lopez confirmed that: She and Affleck tied a knot in Las Vegas This news is according to court documents obtained by TODAY The couple got a marriage license July 16th in Clark County, Nevada.

In a romantic statement shared with fans on her website, Lopez revealed what she and her husband wore on their special day.

“So, with the best witnesses you can imagine, old movie dresses and Ben’s closet jackets, we read our own vows in a small chapel and the ring we wear for the rest of our lives. Gave each other, “She wrote.

Jennifer Lopez wedding dress

Lopez, 52, wore a long gown with a white texture in her dressing room, paired with a simple silver bracelet and earring pair. She styled her hair with long, loose curls and chose neutral tones of smoky eyes and nude cheeks and lips to finish her wedding look.

She seems to have changed into a second dress, wearing a white off-shoulder dress with light lace sleeves. She attached accessories with the same earrings and bracelets as last time, but this time she added a pretty necklace and a veil fixed behind her head.

It’s unclear which dress is “from the old movie” or she said “I’ll do it”. Still, both are great for us.

49-year-old Affleck wore a white shirt and a cream-colored suit jacket, combining his appearance with a simple black bow tie. As an accessory, he wore a simple white rose pinned to the collar of his suit jacket.

Her two wedding dresses can be seen side by side here.  (Jennifer Lopez)

Her two wedding dresses can be seen side by side here. (Jennifer Lopez)

“Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out that love is patient. 20 years of patientness,” Lopez wrote in a statement. See their rekindled romance Almost 20 years from their beginning.

She said they were waiting for a marriage license with the other four couples, and their wedding was “exactly what we wanted” and later “but in the end it was me. It was the best wedding we could imagine. “

“If you stop by long enough, you may be able to find the best moments of your life in a drive-through in Las Vegas, at 12:30 in the morning, in the tunnel of love to spend forever with your children. “She added. “Love is great, probably the best, and worth the wait.”

This marks Lopez’s fourth marriage and Affleck’s second marriage.

She shares 14 year old twins Aimer and Maximilian With her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Affleck shares his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, Violet, 16 years old, Serafina, 13 years old, Samuel, 10 years old and three children.

Affleck Popped a question to Lopez Approximately 20 years after the couple first engaged in November 2002, it was the second time she described her as “the most perfect moment” in April 2022. After postponing the 2003 wedding, it finally split in 2004, but finally the second opportunity.

“I feel very lucky,” Lopez said. Video after her engagement.. “I rarely get a second chance with true love.”