Seismologists reveal suspected cause of damage to Nord Stream pipeline


Based on seismic data, two subsea gas leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines were likely caused by underwater explosions.

Björn Lund, director of the Swedish National Earthquake Network at Uppsala University, said: Said “It is very clear from the seismic records that these are blast waves,” NPR Wednesday said. Neither gas pipeline was active when officials reported a sudden loss of gas pressure late Monday.

“These are not earthquakes,” he added. “They are not underwater landslides,” and in an interview with Swedish television Lund Said “There is no question that these were explosions,” he said.

His team was able to confirm that the explosion occurred near the location of the pipeline. Both Danish and Swedish earthquake authorities took up the suspected blast on Monday, he said.

“We can’t be exact, but we’re pretty close to leak territory,” Lund told NPR, adding, “I can’t think of anything that could cause this.”

HI Sutton, who wrote about the submarine warfare, said that the area where the explosion occurred was in relatively shallow water. Divers and drones could have easily accessed it, he says. I have written.

“The leak is located near Bornholm, Denmark, at 54.8762°, 15.4099°. [approximately] 70 meters of water,” he wrote on Twitter. “This would make sense. Two things about him that are questionable: a) he is a little over 12 nautical miles from the island in international waters; b) [exclusive economic zone] disputed here.


A US official on Tuesday said the leak may have been caused on purpose.But European Union leaders were more explicit, saying the damage was done on purpose.

“The European Union is deeply concerned about the damage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines that caused a leak in international waters in the Baltic Sea,” said the European Council. Said in a statement. “Safety and environmental concerns are paramount. These incidents are no coincidence and affect us all.”

Other senior officials, including Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, also was suggested The incident was a deliberate act. No group or state claims responsibility.

Gas leak at Nord Stream 2 seen from a Danish F-16 interceptor in Bornholm
A gas leak at Nord Stream 2 as seen from a Danish F-16 interceptor in Bornholm, Denmark, on September 27, 2022. (Danish Armed Forces Command/Forsvaret Ritzau Scanpix/via Reuters)
baltic ship
Vessels work off the Baltic Sea on the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany November 11, 2018. (Bernd Wuestneck/dpa via AP)

Frederiksen told European media outlets it was “hard to imagine” that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline leaks were “accidental”.

Some have suggested that Russia may be behind the incident, but a senior Moscow official denied that.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday that Russia was not behind the leaks, saying such claims were “quite predictable and predictably ridiculous. Reuters report.

Both Nord Streams I and II operate from Russia to Germany, with Nord Stream I transporting billions of cubic feet of natural gas from Russia to Europe over the years.

Since the start of the Ukraine conflict, Germany has suspended Nord Stream II certification and Nord Stream I has been plagued with closures. Months after the Ukraine-Russia conflict began, EU officials said European countries would move to reduce their dependence on Russian gas and other energy imports, including via Nord Stream I. .

But Mr Peksov said this week’s damage was a “huge problem” for Russia.

“First, both lines of the Nord Stream … are filled with gas. The whole system is ready to pump gas, and gas is very expensive … Now the gas is flying into the air,” Peskov said. Told.

“Are we interested in that? No, we’ve lost our gas route to Europe,” he added.

Jack Phillips


Jack Phillips is a New York-based breaking news reporter for the Epoch Times.