Self-proclaimed “Insel” accused of attempting a mass shooting at a female student club

Tres Genco, 21 years old (Highland County Sheriff's Office)

Tres Genco, 21 years old (Highland County Sheriff’s Office)

Ann Ohio A man who self-recognized “”InselAuthorities said they were charged with attempting a mass shooting of women in a college girls’ club.

21-year-old Tres Genco obtained ammunition and wrote a manifesto stating that between 2019 and 2020, “from hatred, jealousy, and revenge” would “slaughter” women.

Hillsboro, Ohio, self-identified as an “insel” or “involuntary seribate,” was part of an “mainly male online community with anger at women,” officials said Wednesday. He also signed up for the well-known “Insel” bulletin board.

“Insel” has previously targeted women who have been the target of revenge attacks, and members have accused and feel the right to women for denying them to pay sexual and romantic attention.Including it Elliot Rodger, Who in May 2014 Killed 6 people 14 people were injured outside the Sorority at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

US Department of Justice Said Genko had previously fired a water gun filled with orange juice at a schoolgirl club. This is the same strange act Rogers did prior to the 2014 shootings.

In his manifesto, a Hillsboro man said he attended at the end of 2019, “he wanted to’big’aim’to kill 3,000 people and intended to participate in military training.”

He also searched online for Ohio schoolgirl clubs and colleges and bought bulletproof vests, a hoodie with the word “vengeance,” and ammunition and holsters to hide Glock, officials said.

Two months before being arrested by federal authorities in March 2020, Genko oversaw Ohio University and posted topics such as “How to Plan Shooting Crime” and “When Will You Be Prepared for a Crime?” I searched for. “

He faces life imprisonment if he is convicted of attempting a hate crime and of illegally possessing a gun. He will reappear in court on Friday, Washington post report.

I couldn’t contact Genco’s lawyer, Richard Monahan.

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