Self-Proliferating Vaccines, Transhumanist Ideologies, Government Gag Mandates — A New Technocracy Threatening Hippocratic Medicine and the Nuremberg Code

“This is part of a broader proposal to potentially circumvent the informed consent process by incorporating mRNA gene-based technology into food. You can get vaccinated against threats.”

“Dr. Aaron Kheriaty is a psychiatrist, medical ethicist, and author of The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State. He has filed several lawsuits against American institutions and governments. , challenging vaccine mandates and COVID pandemic policies.

“This kind of technology and this kind of system allows for a level of control over people’s freedom that totalitarian dictators of the past could only dream of,” warns Dr. Keliati.

We discuss the terrifying shift from medicine’s core ethical principles to transhumanist, neo-gnostic, and technocratic medical paradigms. In this paradigm, informed his consent is inevitably replaced by scientist ideologies and self-proliferating vaccines.

“The concept is based on hardware that requires genetic-based coding (mRNA or DNA software updates) every few months to keep the human body up-to-date and functioning just like a human.” It’s about treating people like we wear them, the iPhone,” says Dr. Kheriaty.

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