Senate Audit Liaison has threatened to resign after being denied access to votes

The Arizona Senate Liaison Officer for the Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit has threatened to resign if denied access to the “significant aspects” of the controversial review.

Ken BennettFormer Arizona Secretary of State said last week that Cyber ​​Samurai was on the verge of resigning after being blocked from entering the Phoenix trade fair where ballots were being recounted. For now, with Karen Fann, President pro tempore of Arizona, who was reconsidered after speaking.

“I came to the show today and as a liaison, I set aside and got off whatever you wanted to call it,” Bennett told conservative circus host James Harris. rice field Radio broadcasting station 550K FYI on Monday. “But that may not be what needs to happen.”

Bennett said he was blocked from entering the audit building on Friday after sharing sample data from the number of ballot boxes with election tech analysts Larry Moore and Benny White.

Maricopa County Audit Team states that ballots due to leaks are “not at risk”

“I promised that the information wouldn’t be leaked to the media, but I was locked out of the audit because it was leaked indirectly,” Bennett said. “I’m still working hard on the audit. As I said earlier. It is absolutely important to answer in people’s minds. “

fan Said On July 13, the number of ballots in Maricopa County, counted by Cyber ​​Ninjas, a company hired to lead the audit, was different from the number counted by the county authorities in the 2020 general election. .. This led to another count on the ballot, but not to vote for the contest.

However, the data Bennett provided to Moore and White from the third vote is a county count. Arizona Republic report.

Bennett told Pouren on Monday that assistant liaison Randy Pouren was tasked with handling the third count, and told Pouren that the recount must be independent of Cyber ​​Samurai’s second recount. ..

“We need to keep the third counts independent and not force a balance where they are,” Bennett added.

Bennett emphasized on Monday that he would not be able to participate in the audit if access to the third recount was denied.

“I cannot participate in the process of being locked out from key aspects in order to legalize audits and maintain integrity in preparing the final report,” Bennett said. “And unfortunately, there are so many such situations that the tip of the iceberg came when I was denied access to the audit itself last Friday.”

Stephen Richard, a Republican Maricopa County recorder who has repeatedly criticized similar audits as other members of the Republican-led Maricopa Oversight Committee, accused Cyber ​​Samurai of blocking Bennett from his room on Friday.

“One of the audits who was previously involved in election management at a high level was kicked out, why? Because the number of new votes matched that of Maricopa County, not Ninja,” Richer said. Tweet On Friday.

Cyber ​​Samurai spokesman Rod Thomson told The Arizona Republic on Friday that the order to block Bennett came from the fan’s office.

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