Senate fails to finalize bipartisan infrastructure bill and will vote on Saturday


Senate Infrastructure Negotiations

Senate Infrastructure Negotiations Alex Won / Getty Images

Senators worked all night on Thursday preparing to complete a $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, but they I threw a towel Senate leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) instead scheduled a crucial procedural vote on Saturday. “We’ve been trying to vote for the amendment all day, but we’ve come across a lot of dissenting opinions from the other side,” he said shortly before midnight. “But we want to finish an important bill, so we’ll resume on Saturday.”

Senator worked hours on Thursday trying to complete the remaining amendments to the 2,702-page bill.They hit the hook Proposed changes to regulations that regulate the cryptocurrency market, And Senator Bill Hagerty (R-Tennessee), despite “intense lobbying from Republican colleagues,” “corrected for consideration that could lubricate wheels for final passage.” “Rejected approval” for “Draft Package”. Politico Report..

“Everyone is in a bad mood” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) Said When she left the Senator’s floor late Thursday night.

Another twist in plans to facilitate Thursday’s passage was an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office that a bill approving $ 550 billion in new spending would add $ 256.0 billion to the federal deficit in a decade. Bill negotiators said the CBO did not explain all the offsets and boosting the package to economic growth.

The Senate is expected to be effectively closed on Friday as many senators fly to Wyoming for the funeral of former Senator Mike Enzi, who died in a bicycle accident last week. “If the bill defeats filibuster on Saturday, it will be on the glide path to passage.” Politico To tell.. “Soon after, the Senate will consider the Democratic budget to set a potential future passage for the $ 3.5 trillion spending bill.” Schumer said before the August break of the Chamber of Commerce. I hope to remove both bills from the Senate plate.

The Infrastructure Bill is, so far, a rare bipartisan success story that incorporates the priorities of Senate Democrats and Republicans, and President Biden. Politico Count 18 Republican SenatorsIncludes minority leader Mitch McConnell (Republican), who has expressed support for the bill on key procedural voting.

and Quinnipiac University vote announced Wednesday, 65% of Americans say they support bipartisan infrastructure packages, and 62% of Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion, despite Biden’s job approval rate dropping 3 points to 46%. He said he would support follow-up packages.

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