Senate North Carolina Bill Will Reduce Chronism in Appointment to UNC Board

Senator Jim Perry is his first maturity as a senator, and his greenery is emerging. Apparently, he didn’t yet know that the University of North Carolina Board of Directors was supposed to have politically connected people, including lobbyists.

Perry, a Republican in Lenoir County Invoice This will prevent the Legislature from appointing members of the Legislature, state employees (including UNC employees), and lobbyists to the 24 board of directors overseeing 16 public universities in North Carolina. I will. And, by the way, their spouse is also banned.

“By doing this, you can avoid the emergence of potential conflicts and prevent good ideas from being discounted due to someone’s motivational assumptions,” Perry said.

At least one member of the UNC Systems Governor’s Committee supports Perry’s proposal, who knows how Congress works.

Smithfield Republican Leo Daughtry, who served in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, said: The problem may be recognized. “

Awareness of the problem is already there. Bob Hall, a longtime good government advocate, News & Observer Report on Perry’s Bill.

Mr Hall said the lobbyist was “appointed because he had a cozy relationship with the legislators.” They are part of the Good Old Boys Network and get caught up in its Good Old Boys system. The legislature can feel that it is better to put them on the board as a small reward, but also as a safe promise to know that they will not rock the boat. The whole is very incest. “

Like most public university boards, politics has always played a role in those appointed to the UNC board. However, the appointment has become very partisan since the Republicans ruled the General Assembly 10 years ago.

Members of the board appointed by the Republican-led legislature now include three lobbyists and conservative enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about exercising the liberal spirit of the university and interfering with campus concerns. I am. The result was not governing, but included the relocation of the Federal Monument’s Silent Sam, the restrictions on the campus’s Civil Rights Center, the UNC System President Margaret Spelling and the secret deal on the escape of the Prime Minister of UNC Chapel Hill and the University of East Carolina. There was confusion.

Perry is new to the legislature, but few newcomers. After Senator Luis Pate retired due to illness, he was politically agile and appointed to the Senate, easily winning the election in 2020. He is a powerful fundraiser and the majority of whips.

It is unusual for a majority of members to propose to narrow the range of political rewards they can offer. Perry deserves praise for making a genuine appeal to lower the partisan tone of the board and build public confidence.

That’s a necessary change.

William E. Carwan, a former Prime Minister of the University System of Maryland and a consultant to the Association of Universities and University Boards, said last year that politics was increasingly coloring the decisions of the University Board. Better. “There was always political influence,” he said. “But at least some institutions are working to a very annoying degree.”

“I recognize the dangers of making the good old days romantic, but it’s certainly my perception that the board had a clearer understanding of its proper role,” Kirwan added. ..

Perry’s bill will be a major step in reminding members of the UNC Board and those who appoint them the proper role of the Board.

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