Senate Pat McCrory? His lack of understanding of American law scares me.

Pat McCrory

About “McCrory Announces US Senate Bid in 2022” (April 15):

It’s pretty scary to think that Pat McCrory is sitting in the US Senate.

this is Told WFAE A few years ago, “In fact, I disagree with the law in criminal justice books about what people think will determine their judgment. It’s the crime that made the difference. They commit the crime. It wasn’t what they were thinking when they did. “

Literally someone who doesn’t know it all The “Criminal Justice Law” contains spiritual intent (Intentionally) You should not write the law.

Nicholas Hoult, Charlotte

Funding school

The writer is a retired NC principal.

The North Carolina Constitution states that all students are eligible for “healthy basic education.” The North Carolina Supreme Court has twice ruled that public schools are not well funded based on their requirements.

Other than public security, I don’t think there are any more important government obligations than good education for children. The NC Education Lottery was created in 2005, and last week a group of senators proposed the following bill: Legalize sports gambling Fund the school. I think we need to provide our students with the best possible education, but linking financial support to good schools to gambling speaks a lot about misguided values.

Scott Padgett, Concord


Many Republicans and a few Democrats oppose President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. But the United States achieved that goal in the first six months, and we’re still there almost 20 years later. The United States needs to leave as soon as possible and leave the country in Afghanistan. The Taliban was not the original target. I’m really sorry for what’s next in that country, but it’s not our responsibility.

Dewey P. Rochester, Charlotte

Court packing

Perhaps even more important is the length of time the judges are in office, as Republicans and Democrats vie for increasing the number of judges in the Supreme Court from nine to thirteen. No one, absolutely no one, should be appointed to the “lifetime” status of the government. This is especially true for Supreme Court judges and federal judges. A single 8-year period should be the maximum. The same is true for all elected civil servants if the president’s term is two to four years.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Hate crime

Recent widespread coverage of hate crimes against Asian Americans has turned daily discrimination into mainstream conversation.

Recognizing the dangers faced by so many neighbors, I and some of my colleagues in the North Carolina General Assembly Hate crime prevention law.. Many of the ideas for this bill aren’t new, but this time there’s a new element of restorative justice.

If the victim of the hate crime agrees, the criminal is responsible for his actions and is given the opportunity to be rectified. Hate is a terrible legacy for both hate crime victims and those who carry them.

This aspect of the law moves us beyond punishment towards a deeper understanding of inherited prejudice, structural prejudice, and puts some healing in the record.

Raleigh, Congressman Nashif Majid

Congressman Nashif Majid

Congressman Nashif Majid

Climate change

About “The harsh view of the global future provided by the Intelligence Report” (April 8):

Thirty years ago, the first thing we noticed about the global climate crisis was the “inconvenient truth.” 11,000 scientists warned us The immense suffering caused by climate change.

Like many, I have suppressed awareness of this issue and been distracted by wasted consumption. But seeing a desperate family-like climate change refugee fleeing Honduras and seeing a kangaroo burning in an Australian fire cannot deny this global reality.

As a school counselor, I have seen all kinds of child abuse, but neglect of this issue will be the worst mass child abuse ever. Only if we act now can we reverse the poor management of this planet.

Debbie Medves, Waxhaw

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