Senate Republicans misrepresent the January 6 riot panel

Washington (AP) — Senate Republicans are on the verge of a confrontation vote January 6 Rebellion of the US Capitol.

The House of Representatives briefly approved the bill last week Signed by 35 Republicans.. However, the bill faces uncertain fate in the evenly divided Senate. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell opposes, and former President Donald Trump has demanded that efforts be shattered.

On Sunday, Senator Susan Collins of Maine seeks GOP support, reflecting concerns that the panel’s final report from Republican leaders could extend to the 2022 midterm elections. He suggested that the obstacle was the timing of the committee.

it’s not.

Collins points out the issues she may oppose the panel: The commissioner must be appointed within 10 days. You have enough time to complete the work. And I’m optimistic that I can overcome these issues based on my recent conversation with Democrats. —ABC’s “This Week” Sunday Interview.

SEN. Republican John Cornyn suggests that Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will successfully pull the commission’s work into the mid-2022. That’s Pelosi’s plan … it’s a Democratic dream. — Interview with CNN on May 19th.

Fact: These claims about the timing of 2022 are not true. The bill consistently requires the report to be completed by the end of this year.

According to the law, the “final report” from Bipartisan committeeMembers will be evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, which must be submitted to the President and Parliament “by December 31, 2021”.

There is then a 60-day period for the Commission to complete administrative tasks such as distributing reports and providing testimony to the Parliamentary Commission. However, a survey that includes all findings, conclusions, and recommendations must be completed this year.

Therefore, as Collins et al. Explained, there were no obstacles to the Senate Republican Party’s support for the panel, based on the timing of the report.

If approved, the bipartisan committee is expected to consider Trump’s role in stalking the January 6 riots. His lasting false claim In the months before the November elections were “stolen”.


Editor’s Note — See the credibility of politicians’ claims.


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