Senate Republicans vote against $ 1 trillion in infrastructure deal with Biden

Mitt Romney Rob Portman

Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT), Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) take the elevator as they leave the bipartisan conference on Capitol Hill’s infrastructure. ride. Kevin Ditch / Getty Images

  • Senate Republicans voted against an infrastructure deal with Biden on Wednesday.

  • They said they wouldn’t vote on the unfinished bill, but they’re ready to vote on Monday.

  • Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has not yet thrown his support behind the bill.

The Senate Republican voted against the $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal on Wednesday in an early vote. However, major factions sought more time and said they could support the same agreement in four days.

Republicans lined up to oppose the blueprint with 49-51 votes Wednesday afternoon. The bill fell below the 60 votes required to clear the Chamber of Commerce.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer said the change from “yes” to “no” to allow the bill to be submitted again for another vote under Senate rules.

Still, Republican negotiators, including Senator Rob Portman of Ohio and Mitt Romney of Utah, were confident in supporting their plans on Monday after payment details were revealed. It was.

The agreement includes $ 579 billion in new spending, which exceeds the amount already approved by Congress, focusing on road, bridge and broadband connectivity upgrades. All five Republican negotiators voted against starting discussions on an agreement signed with President Joe Biden last month.

A few days after a bipartisan group dumped an additional $ 40 billion in IRS funding in a bipartisan deal, it sparked a backlash among conservatives who were wary of possible overshoots by government agencies.

GOP’s strategy is in stark contrast to the 2017 Obamacare abolition effort. At that time, most Republican senators voted to advance the incomplete “skinny abolition” blueprint of the Affordable Care Act, a Republican’s main priority.But the late Senator John McCain Finally cast an important vote It shot the effort with a torpedo with a notorious vote in favor.

Romney told reporters before the vote that it would take some time before the full infrastructure bill was drafted. “There is no complete text. It will take quite some time,” he said. “There are elements that are written, but there are also many elements that are not written.”

He said bipartisan groups are aiming for a full agreement on “major issues” by Monday. Senator Jon Tester of Montana, a Democrat at the meeting, told reporters that the group would continue to materialize the deal over the phone Wednesday night.

The bipartisan group issued a statement shortly after the vote on Wednesday afternoon. “We have made great strides and are approaching a final agreement,” Senator added, adding that he would like to mediate the transaction “in the next few days.”

Progressivists have lost patience due to the slow pace of bipartisan discussions. Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, warned that Republicans were only trying to delay Democratic efforts, claiming that they had enough time to join for weeks. doing.

Warren told insiders on Tuesday. “Republicans are not allowed to slow down any further. I hope Republicans will join this. They are given all the accommodation, but it’s time to move.”

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