Senate Wisconsin has passed a constitutional amendment that gives lawmakers power over federal funding

Governor Madison-Wisconsin will no longer have the sole authority to use federal funds flowing into the state under a constitutional amendment approved by the Legislature on Tuesday.

Such spending would instead be required to obtain approval from a committee of state legislators under the proposal. Governor Tony Evers, who has been in clashes with Republicans who rule the legislature for nearly two years on how to allocate billions of dollars to federal pandemic aid, cannot veto.

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Bill’s author, Senator Dale Kooyenga of R-Brookfield, said: suggestion It is not intended to “slap” the authority of Evers.

“It’s a slap to Congress,” Quienga said. “Legislature members should do their job, and they use their skills as civil legislators and as the closest representatives to people to give their opinion on where this money should be spent. Should be. “

Madison’s Democratic Senator Melissa Agard uses federal dollars in parliament because Republican legislators have chosen to take no action against the pandemic after passing a bill in April 2020. He said it was a mistake to transfer authority.

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Proposals that pass 20-12 must also pass in Congress. Both Houses will then rejoin the next session before going to voters for final approval.

Republican lawmakers have sought control of federal funds for months. Evers rejected the bill in 2021, and Congress had to approve his plan to spend billions of dollars on pandemic aid. He said at the time, involving Congress would slow the distribution of relief supplies.

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This article was originally published in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Senate Wisconsin has proposed a constitutional amendment on federal funding