Senator Arizona says he’s a cyber ninja boss “quite sick” at COVID-19

The majority of the team leading the audit 2020 elections In Maricopa County, the COVID-19 test was positive. Arizona Senator Karen Huang.

In a statement, Mr. Huang said that cyber ninja CEO Doug Logan and the other two members of the five audit team are “quite ill” and a full draft of their report will not be delivered on Monday. I said it would be.

However, Senate Republicans in Arizona received “part of the draft report from the election audit and analysis team” on Monday, Huang said.

Court of Appeals Orders Senate Arizona to Create 2020 Election Audit Record

Audit officials predicted that the report would be scrutinized and completed by the end of the summer. Fans outlined the next steps, but didn’t provide a timeline.

“In addition to the illness, the Senate received ballot images from Maricopa County until Thursday and hopes to analyze them as soon as possible to incorporate those results into the final report,” Fan said. He said.

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“The Senate Legal Team will meet on Wednesday to begin reviewing the draft report. Once the rest of the draft has been submitted, the Senate team will hold another meeting to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the findings. We will continue to confirm gender and documentary evidence, “says Huang. .. “Once that is done, the final report will be submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the findings will be open to the public.”

Audits have been heavily criticized by county authorities and others. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Who cast the audit “Political stunts“It was intended to question the integrity of the election. Former President Donald Trump and his allies supported the audit as a means of proving widespread fraud allegations in the state lost in 2020, but fans said. Insisted Auditing aims to restore confidence in the system and impact potential changes in law. “

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