Senator Dick Durbin said the black women on the likely list of Biden’s Supreme Court seats were “extraordinary” and must have been successful “against the big odds.”

Dick Durbin

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)(Photo by Samuel Colm / Getty Images)

  • President Joe Biden has promised to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court.

  • Critics have accused the plan of discrimination and “affirmative action.”

  • Senator Dick Durbin said he hopes that “people who are critical of the presidential election are not doing it for personal reasons.”

Senate majority in-hospital affairs and Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Dick Durbin upheld the promise that President Joe Biden would choose a black woman as a candidate for the Supreme Court on Sunday.

“The bottom line is this, from the perspective of African-American women. In law, if they achieved a level of success in law, they did it against great potential. They were extraordinary. People, “said Senator Illinois on Sunday. During an ABC “this week” interview“Usually the first in the United States turns out to be extraordinary in the background, and the same is true there.”

Biden’s Promise in the 2020 presidential election Judge Stephen Breyer, a liberal member of the court, was under intense pressure and scrutiny after announcing his retirement last week.

Biden’s reported all potential picks Candidate list is black women..

Following the news of Breyer’s planned retirement, Democrats immediately called on Biden to keep his promise..

“You promised us a black woman in the Supreme Court. Let’s see it happen,” said New York Democrat Jamal Bowman. Tweet..

Some Republicans and conservatives quickly condemned Biden’s plans and used them in affirmative action, especially in education, employment, and voting rights, which openly consider race and gender to be key factors in countering the legacy of policy. Discriminated against minorities and women compared to the approach being.

Senator Roger Wicker said Biden’s Supreme Court was elected Affirmative action “beneficiaries”..And former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Tweet “I wish President Biden chose the highest qualified Supreme Court candidate without a race / gender Litmus test.”

A Fox News Panel Condemns Biden’s Campaign Pledge Nominate black women as discrimination. Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley, a professor of constitution at George Washington University, compared the president’s promise to “racial preferences in college admission.”

In response to these comments, Durbin said on Sunday that Biden’s candidate would be an “extraordinary” addition to the court.

“They will all face the same scrutiny,” he said of the potential candidate. “This is a lifelong appointment to the Supreme Court of the country and I hope that those who are critical of the president’s choice do not do it for personal reasons.”

Ketangi Brown Jackson, Leondra Kluger, J.Michelle Childs

It depicts candidates for the Supreme Court of Byden, Judge Ketangi Brown Jackson of the DC Circuit Court, Judge Leondra Kruger of the California Supreme Court, and Judge Michelle Childs of the Federal Court.Kevin Lamarck-Pool / Getty Images; S. Todd Rogers / AP; Charles Darapack / AP

“This isn’t the first time the president has signaled what the candidate wants from a candidate,” Durbin said.

“Looking back at history, remember that it was Ronald Reagan who announced that he would appoint a woman to the Supreme Court. He was Sandra Day O’Connor, and it was Donald Trump. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Announced that it will be replaced with a female candidate. “

The White House also responded to Wicker’s comments, Statement to Mississippi Free Press President Biden’s promise is “in line with the highest traditions of both parties and our country,” noting the pledge that Reagan and Biden nominate women and their historical qualities.

The statement also emphasized that Republicans praise candidates for breaking the barrier. For example, Wicker supported Barrett when Trump promised to put a woman, eventually Judge Amy Coney Barrett, in the Supreme Court, the statement said.

“Senator Wicker said,” I have five granddaughters, but the oldest is ten. Judge Amy Coney Barrett inspires these five granddaughters and my grown-up daughters. I think. “I hope Senator Wicker will give the same consideration to the candidate for President Byden.”

The day after Breyer’s announcement, Biden said, “We will nominate a person with extraordinary qualifications, personality, experience and integrity, who will be the first black woman to be nominated by the US Supreme Court.”

He added, “In my view, it has been postponed for a long time. I made that promise during the presidential campaign, and I keep that promise.”

Republican Senator Susan Collins said it was open to anyone nominated by Biden on Sunday. Criticized the treatment of presidential vacancies..

Collins said in an appearance on ABC News “this week” that he “welcomes the appointment of black women to court,” but said his approach was “at best clumsy.”

She said Biden’s promise was different from her predecessor’s oath because it came when he was a presidential candidate, “in addition to the further recognition that the court is a political institution like Congress.” Stated.

Durbin spoke with Collins on Sunday and said he “hopes” for the candidate to gain bipartisan support.

“I’ve contacted Republicans and said they’ll be available to candidates to get to know them,” he added.

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