Senator Graham warns Elon Musk after calling for de-escalation of Ukraine war


Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) targeted Elon Musk in a recent Twitter post, warning that the senator may cancel Tesla’s tax cuts after Musk. urged To de-escalate the Russo-Ukrainian war.

“While I remain very supportive of Ukraine, I am convinced that a large-scale escalation of the war would do great harm to Ukraine and possibly the world.” poll Created by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.Musk too Posted His own poll on whether the people of the disputed Donbass and Crimean regions should decide whether they are part of Ukraine or Russia.

This prompted critical comments and warnings from Graham.

“With the utmost respect for Elon Musk, and I respect him, I would suggest that we need to understand the facts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Graham said. I have written on Twitter. “It is absurd, after all the suffering, to suggest ending Russian aggression by giving Russia part of Ukraine. It is also an insult to

Later in the thread, Graham suggested lawmakers “need to reconsider the electric vehicle tax credit boondoggle.”

“This is where only the electric car makers who have raised prices by the same amount as the tax credit have benefited,” he said. I have written Some on Twitter suggested it was a hidden threat to Musk’s company, Tesla, the largest US electric car maker.

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In response, Musk said his company has not received sales tax credits in years.

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An elderly woman walks in front of a building partially destroyed by a missile strike in central Kharkiv, Ukraine, September 13, 2022. (Sergy Bobok/AFP via Getty Images)

“First of all,” he said I have written“Tesla hasn’t gotten that consumer tax credit in years. [and] We are not asking for this – GM [and] Ford did. ”

Besides Graham’s criticism, Germany’s ambassador to Ukraine told Musk:[expletive] off. “

“The only result is that no Ukrainian will buy your product now. [expletive] Tesla is crap,” Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik said on Twitter. “I wish you good luck.”

During the early stages of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, Musk announced that he would use his Starlink internet service to support military efforts against the Ukrainian government and Russia.mask this week Confirmed That SpaceX spent $80 million on Starlink in the Eastern European country.

“SpaceX’s out-of-pocket costs to enable and support Starlink in Ukraine have so far been up to $80 million. Support for Russia is $0. He said.

war unfolds

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began to unravel after thousands of square miles of territory were recaptured since the beginning of September after a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

The blow to Moscow has been the withdrawal of thousands of Russian troops, first in the northeast, and since the beginning of the week also in the south after the front line collapsed.

Council of the Russian Federation
Members of the Council of the Russian Federation attend a parliamentary session to ratify the bill annexing the Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhia regions of Ukraine to Russia on October 4, 2022 in Moscow. (Handout via Council of the Russian Federation/Reuters) )

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law annexing four parts of partially occupied Ukraine, including Zaporizhia, to Russia in the largest annexation attempt in Europe since World War II.

Zelensky said on Wednesday that his troops had regained more settlements in the southern Kherson region, with footage released from Kherson showing a Russian infantry fighting vehicle surrendering with a white cloth wrapped around its gun barrel. It was shown that it looks like

Reuters contributed to this report.

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