Senator Joe Manchin proposes to require people to work so that they can receive Biden’s monthly child tax credit.


Joe Manchin on CNN

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said he supported imposing new requirements on Biden’s child tax credits. Union / CNN

  • West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has proposed establishing a working requirement for Biden’s child tax credit.

  • “Do you think people should make some effort if we are going to help our children?” He said. CNN..

  • Child tax credits are currently offered up to $ 300 per month or $ 3,600 per year for children under the age of five.

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West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin highlighted on Sunday the possibility of establishing working requirements for a child tax credit. The program was expanded earlier this year by President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in stimulus.

“I support child tax credits. I’m definitely trying to help children,” said influential moderate Democrat Manchin on Sunday.Trade union status.. “

“You basically want to help the children and their parents who are feeding them,” Manchin said. “There are no work requirements. There are no educational requirements for a better skill set. Do you think people should make some effort if we are going to help our children?”

Manchin also argued that the Democratic Party had doubled against the $ 3.5 trillion price tag on the social spending package it wanted to pass this month and had to cut the amount in half to get his vote. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, rejected a potential $ 1.5 trillion plan in another CNN interview.

In addition to the child allowance renewal, the plan will include measures such as Universal Pre-K, free tuition community colleges, paid family leave, medical leave, and other Democratic priorities. Democrats are in the process of reconciliation, which requires only a simple majority vote, and can avoid Republican opposition.

Manchin’s comment is that Democrats still have to do among themselves as Democrats strive to pass large-scale economic plans to strengthen the country’s social safety net on a party-line basis. Emphasizes the conflict. However, Democrats have a very thin margin of error for errors, given that only three asylum seekers are allowed in the House of Representatives and no one can afford asylum in the Senate.

Currently, child tax credit Offer up to $ 300 a month $ 3,600 per child under 5 years old. For children between the ages of 6 and 17, families can receive up to $ 250 each month, or $ 3,000 each year.

Democratic stimulus law in March, Meaning to help support the economy from the coronavirus pandemic damageTurned the credit into a one-year cash benefit issued by monthly check to the majority of families. Individuals with incomes of $ 75,000 or less are eligible to pay the full amount. Couples with a total income of $ 150,000 or less are also eligible for the total amount.

Early survey shows the first month of payment Had 3 million children From poverty and Helped feed 2 million children In July. Almost 70% of the family which oneI used it to pay or repay my debt. Coordinating federal support can jeopardize democratic goals of reducing child poverty, some experts say.

“There is real-world evidence that children’s hunger has decreased in the last two months, which is prepaid credits to low-income households,” said Seth Hanlon, a left-handed tax expert. That’s the result. ” The Center for American Progress told insiders.

Hanlon also pointed out Existing research This shows that programs like child tax credits improve long-term health, education and financial outcomes. “There is an overwhelming reason not to help children based on their parents’ income,” he said.

As insiders previously reported, House Democrats and Senate Democrats can clash over increased tax credits.Democrats in the house Promote renewal plan Senate Democratic Party Revised Child Tax Credit by 2025 Aiming A shorter extension of credit.

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