Senator Johnson is shot by another: “What do you care about?”

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — Republican Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin, said in a radio interview, “What do you care about, whether your neighbors are vaccinated or not?” Extensive COVID-19 I questioned the need for vaccination.

Johnson, who lacks medical expertise and background, commented Thursday in an interview with conservative talk radio host Vicky McKenna. Contrary to medical expert advice, Johnson states that he was infected with COVID-19 in the fall and does not need to be vaccinated. On Thursday, he went a step further and wondered why he was worried about why someone would be vaccinated and others would not be vaccinated.

“For very young people, there is no reason to vaccinate people,” Johnson said. “I’m sure I’m willing to actively resist the use of all sorts of governments and the imposition of vaccine passports …. it could be a very depriving step, and people understand these things. need to do it.”

Johnson’s comment comes from health authorities in the United States and around the world urging people to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible. Reach herd immunity This is the best shot to stop the uncontrolled spread of the virus.

Herd immunity occurs when a sufficient number of people are vaccinated or the virus does not spread easily and has immunity from a natural infection that causes a pandemic. No one knows what the coronavirus herd immunity threshold is, but many experts say it is above 70%. And the emergence of variants further complicates the situation.

In Wisconsin, more than 41% of the population is vaccinated at least once, and about 30% are fully vaccinated.But the demand for vaccination Slowing down in parts of the United States With a sign you care about.

Johnson said he is a former plastics maker with a bachelor’s degree in business and accounting and believes that people should not be pressured to get vaccinated.

“Science says the vaccine is 95% effective. To be honest, what do you care about if you have a vaccine, whether or not your neighbor has it?” Johnson said. “What is it for you? You have a vaccine, and science tells you that it is very, very effective. So why make sure everyone is vaccinated Is there this great impetus to make? And that’s up to the point where you’re ashamed of people, you prove they’ve been vaccinated so they can still stay in society. I would force them to carry the card for me. I became very suspicious of what was happening here. “

The interview ended before Johnson explained the suspicion.

On Friday, Johnson issued a statement doubling his previous comments.

Johnson pointed out that former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed ​​program favors the rapid development of vaccines: “Everyone gathers information, consults doctors, and vaccines. You should have the right to decide for yourself whether or not to get the vaccine. ” “Now I believe that the role of government (and therefore my role) is to ensure transparency and to make as much information as possible for people to make informed decisions. . “

Johnson said it was justified to question whether people at low risk of getting a serious illness from COVID-19 should be vaccinated. He promised to “violently oppose” the vaccine passport.

Republicans describe vaccine passports as a hassle of invasion of personal freedom and personal health choices. They currently exist in only one state, a limited government partnership with a private sector in New York, but nonetheless, Republicans in a few states rush to enact legislation banning their use. I haven’t stopped.

Johnson hasn’t said yet Whether he wants a third term 2022. Many Democrats have already run for election, including Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry, State Treasurer Sara Godrevsky, and Outagamie County executive Tom Nelson.

Nelson tweeted that Johnson’s “scientifically illiterate belief is deadly and only prolongs the Covid crisis.” It’s time for a new senator. “

Godrevsky also blew up Johnson, saying, “We are campaigning against a wide range of vaccines, literally. His denial of science is not only irresponsible, but quite dangerous, and Wisconsinites is of much better value.”