Senator Lindsey Graham ordered testimony in front of a special grand jury in an investigation into the Trump elections


A judge in Fulton County ordered US Senator Lindsey Graham to testify in a November 2020 election before a special grand jury investigating the possibility of election tampering by former President Donald Trump.

Judge Robert McBurney of Fulton County Superior Court ruled on Monday that Graham would then need to testify on August 2. Graham quoted executive privilege and said he would fight the subpoena to testify.

Graham has been asked to testify after calling Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rafence Purger twice in November 2020. In those calls, Graham called on Lafenceparger to “review certain absentee ballots cast in Georgia and explore possible more favorable outcomes for former President Donald Trump.”

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In a previous statement, Graham’s lawyer said:

“This is all politics. Fulton County is working on a fishing expedition in Washington on a January 6th committee. Information from an interview or deposit with Senator Graham is immediately January. It will be shared with the Commission on the 6th. If the summons issued today would undermine the constitutional balance of power and the ability of the House of Representatives to perform their duties. “

Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot has passed a court ruling, starting at 4 pm with Channel 2 Action News, and has responded to the LIVE update decision.

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