Senator Manchin says “you have to get off his iconic crack pipe,” Cornel West says.

Dr. Cornel West said moderates like Senator Joe Manchin “must stop filibuster to get the job done” because of the “authoritarian right-wing party.”

Doctor Cornel West I believe in democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin A prominent black intellectual who must uphold the People’s Law and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, claiming that Manchin needs to recognize Senate Republicans, never upholds the law on voters’ rights with colorful explanations. Let’s go.

“Well, what do you think?” Don Lemon After showing Manchin in a previous clip, he asked West Thursday at his eponymous CNN show. Joe BidenEfforts to support the Democratic Party’s legislative efforts.

“He still wants to work with the Republicans to get it done. Is the choice between filibuster and democracy now?”

Dr. Cornel West (left) said CNN West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (right)

Dr. Cornel West (left) said CNN West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (right) “must help him get off his iconic crack pipe and eliminate filibuster.” (Photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images)

“Yeah,” Cornel West responded. “I think Brother Joe came out of West Virginia — some of my favorite people I know. [are] From West Virginia — But he must say that his iconic crack pipe will also have to go down, you [are] There are right-wing parties that are authoritarian, have a deep neo-fascist sensibility, and have no commitment to democratic processes or democratic values, so filibuster needs to be abolished in order to get the job done. “

The professor of philosophy added: “And at the same time, you have Democrats talking about being bipartisan, but most of the time they lack the spine. They aren’t fighting enough.”

Earlier this month, Manchin submitted a voter bill to his Republican colleagues, which he considered a compromise, and was immediately rejected.

So Previously reported, A compromise endorsed by Georgia’s voting advocates Stacey Abrams, Was dead on arrival.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Proposal at the time: “Senate Democrats seem to have reached a takeover of so-called” compromise “elections among them. In fact, the plan approved by Stacey Abrams is not a compromise. “

“McConnell has the right to do whatever he thinks he can,” Manchin said at the time. “We hope there are enough Republicans who understand that the foundations of our society are accessible, open, fair and safe.”

Ann opinion Works from David A. Love Published last month theGrio Manchin and Arizona Democrats said Kyrsten Cinema “It interferes with justice, freedom and democracy and threatens the lives of black people.”

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