Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene blew up after Senator Lindsey Graham said it was “inappropriate” to highlight an amnesty for the Capitol riots.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).Kevin Ditch / Getty Images

  • Donald Trump said on Saturday that he would consider pardoning the defendant on January 6 if he was reelected.

  • Senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that it was “inappropriate” and could make other violent groups bold.

  • “I’m pretending to be President Trump’s friend,” said Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene severely criticized Senator Lindsey Graham on Sunday after calling former President Donald Trump’s comments about the parliamentary riot defendant “inappropriate.”

At a rally in Texas on Saturday Trump said he would consider amnesty For those accused of attacking the Capitol on January 6, if he decides to run and win in 2024.

“We treat them fairly,” he said. “And if it needs amnesty, we will give them amnesty.”

recently 761 people were charged with riots in the CapitolCounts include access to restricted areas, chaotic behavior, and assault on police officers, among others.

Graham commented when he appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday. I called them “inappropriate”.

“I don’t want to signal that it’s okay to pollute the Capitol,” said a South Carolina Republican. “A group with a cause that wants to follow a violent path if these people are pardoned.” There are others. “”

Graham has consistently sought to prosecute those who attacked the Capitol during the riots.

Georgian Republican and strong supporter of Trump, Green has long blown up Graham. Position I broadcast a list of complaints on her Gab account.

“Linsey Graham hasn’t done anything about the J6,” Green began.She previously Visit the riot defendant of the Parliament building He was put in jail and complaining about their living conditions. In her post, she accused Graham of doing nothing for them.

“Instead of actually doing something about the big injustice that’s happening to pretrial Americans waiting for their day in court, Lindsey Graham turned to their abuse and turned to Joe Biden’s candidate. Vote, vote for Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, and pretend to be a friend, President Trump. “

“Are we all tired of such” friends “?” She added.

The representatives of Graham and Green did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment.

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