Senator Mitt Romney warns Democrats about eliminating filibuster, saying they may face future “unrestrained” President Trump.

Mitt Romney

Utah Senator Mitt Romney. Anna Money Maker / Getty Images

Senator Mitt Romney warned Democrats that eliminating filibuster would be detrimental to the Senate.

Senator Mitt Romney warned the Democrats last week of changes to the Senate’s filibuster rules, Republicans take control of Congress in 2022, and former President Donald Trump regains the White House in 2024. Pointed out that there is a possibility.

Utah’s Republicans, who were first elected to the Senate in 2018, Written an editorial in The Washington Post Participated in opinion columnist James Hohmann’s “Please, Go On” Podcast He pointed out that it would be ridiculous to change the way the deliberative body operates to convey his message.

Romney mentioned the Democratic Party’s promotion of election legislation. Freedom to vote And that John Lewis Voting Promotion ActBoth have gathered near-universal opposition from the Republicans, who argue that federal action is equivalent to breaking into state election issues.

As the Senate was evenly divided among 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, Vice President Kamala Harris’s tiebreaker vote dominated the parliament. However, with the 60-vote threshold required to advance most bills, Republicans can easily filibust bills that don’t suit their tastes.

“If the Democratic Party says’eliminate filibuster just for the right to vote,’the opposition will obstruct the filibuster for something else that we are interested in when we make up the majority. We can guarantee that it will be eliminated, which will be important to us, “Romney said in a Hohmann podcast. “And, as we know, it will say goodbye to the Senate.”

Senators argued that protecting minority rights was paramount in the Senate and urged Democrats to think about the collective plight of finding less than 50 seats.

“Note that in our federal government, minority empowerment is established in only one body, the Senate,” he writes. “The majority is decided by the House of Representatives, the majority is decided by the Supreme Court, and the president is the majority. The minority limits the power of the majority only in the Senate.”

“It is an important element of the system that the minority should be given such political power. In order for the law to be passed by the Senate, it must appeal to the Senators of both parties. The Senate minority empowerment is inevitably centered on our country’s policy, “he added.

In an interview with Hohmann’s podcast, Romney said the voting bill submitted by the Democratic Party to the Senate seats has so far been unsuccessful due to the lack of Republican opinion.

“In most cases, by definition, if the bill was brought forward in the Senate, with only one party behind it, and only one party wrote it, then it wouldn’t be a law. What can be achieved is to negotiate in advance and draft a bill on a bipartisan basis. “

Romney that I had for a long time Tight relationship Together with Trump, he brought up the prospect that the former president could beat the president again-and used the warning story that the Republicans dominate Congress without filibuster.

“Have the Democrats ever thought of the implications of Trump not being completely detained and the Democratic minority having no power at all?” He asked in an editorial.

Romney in 2020 voted for Prisoner The trump card for power abuse in the president’s first impeachment trial, centered on the Ukrainian scandal.Senator also voted Prisoner The trump card for “riot incitement” against his role in the January 6 Parliamentary riots.

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