Senator puts more pressure on SolarWinds hacking after AP reports

A key lawmaker said Tuesday that he was concerned that Russian hackers were being exposed to the darkness of what they stole from the federal government, putting pressure on the Biden administration authorities on details of what is known as SolarWinds hacking. I called.

Senators Gary Peters and Rob Portman said in a recent report by the Associated Press that they “raised the nasty possibility that some federal agencies did not fully report” to Congress. Stated.

“This committee has repeatedly discussed the challenges of protecting itself from sophisticated, well-resourced, patient cyber-attackers. Nevertheless, large investments in cyber defense. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the federal government did not detect this cyberattack in the first place, “the Senator wrote. Michigan’s Democrat, Peters, chairs the Senate Department of Homeland Security and Government Affairs. Top Republican.

AP Report last month Russian hackers are suspected of accessing email accounts owned by Trump’s deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf and members of cybersecurity staff in his department that include foreign hunting threats in their work. ..

It’s been about four months since authorities discovered what’s called a vast, months-long cyber-spy activity through a hack of Texas-based SolarWinds Inc.’s widely used software. .. At least nine federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, have been hacked. , With dozens of private companies.

The Senator wrote to Brandon Wales, Deputy Director of DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and Christopher Delsha, Chief Information Security Officer of the Department of Homeland Administration and Budget.

Senators are asking for some documents related to hacking. This includes documents showing which personal accounts were targeted or compromised.

“We haven’t commented on Congressional communications,” said Scott McConnell, a cybersecurity spokesman. The OMB did not immediately return a request for comment.

Anne Neuberger, National Security Adviser, Said in an interview In the Associated Press last week, some of the nine affected agencies had “gaps” in their basic cybersecurity defenses, hampering officials’ ability to determine what hackers had access to.

After reviewing how SolarWinds hacks occurred, she used technology to continuously monitor malicious activity and multi-factor authentication to prevent access to stolen systems. He said he identified five necessary modernizations, including more. Password only.

The Biden administration has sought to severely limit the scope of the SolarWinds attack as it is considering retaliation against Russia. However, an AP investigation found new details about the breach at DHS and other agencies, including the Department of Energy, where hackers accessed senior official schedules.

AP interviewed more than 12 current and former US government officials who spoke anonymously for the confidentiality of the ongoing investigation of the hack.

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