Senator Rick Scott calls on Australian Prime Minister to support the relocation of the Winter Olympics

US Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) Encourages Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to participate in Senator’s push to move the Winter Olympics from China because of human rights violations.

US Senator said he also wrote to US President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to support the campaign.

Scott said the Winter Olympics boycott does not require a boycott because it only “hurts athletes” who trained for the event for the rest of their lives. Instead, he believed that the relocation of the Games was the “right course of action.”

“The Olympics give the best athletes in the world the opportunity to represent their country and unite our country,” Scott wrote. letter..

Rick Scott
Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) Will speak at Capitol Hill, Washington on February 23, 2021. (Erin Scott / Pool / AFP via Getty Images)

“But if you ignore the grotesque abuse of Communist China, allow the game to be held in Beijing, and jeopardize the safety of all athletes and participants, this cannot be achieved,” he added.

“Government and international organizations have the ability and responsibility to address human rights issues, and it is the right course of action to ask the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to move the 2022 Olympics from Beijing,” he said. ..

Scott also thanked the Australian Prime Minister for his efforts to advance an investigation into the origin of COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus last April. The call triggered a keen reaction from Canberra’s Chinese ambassador and an eight-month campaign, what US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Australia’s “explicit economic coercion” in Beijing.

“Communist China has tried to bully you and your people through financial restrictions and slander,” Scott wrote. “I urge you not to give up or give up on these childish tactics.”

Epoch Times Photo
Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a press conference held at the Parliament Building in Canberra, Australia on March 17, 2021. Sam Mooy / Getty Images)

A US Senator, along with six of his colleagues, submitted a resolution to the US Senate calling for the transfer of the game.

Beijing defeated Almaty in Kazakhstan to win the 2022 edition of the 2015 Winter Olympics.

The IOC supported the decision to hand over the convention to Beijing in the face of growing criticism, saying that hosting the event had little to do with the political structure of the country’s government.

“In our fragile world, despite all the existing differences, the power of sport to bring the whole world together gives us all hope for a better future,” said an IOC spokeswoman. The person in charge told the Epoch Times earlier.

Epoch Times Photo
The exhibition center for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics held in Beijing on February 5, 2021. (KevinFrayer / Getty Images)

“Giving the Olympics to the National Olympic Committee (NOC) does not mean that the IOC agrees with the country’s political structure, social conditions, or human rights standards,” he added.

However, Chinese expert Gordan Chan, author of “The Collapse of China,” said the IOC banned South Africa from participating in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics due to apartheid policy.

Apartheid policy meant that only white South Africans could participate in the tournament.

“We don’t need the 1936 Olympics anymore,” Chan added, referring to when Nazi Germany hosted the Games. “I don’t need the 2008 Olympics anymore. [in Beijing], It basically promoted totalitarianism with those horrifying exhibits. You don’t have to do this again. “

Victoria Kelly-Clark contributed to this report.

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