Senator Ron Johnson says it is not a “social responsibility” to take care of “children of others” while opposed to childcare subsidies for working parents.

Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin told a local news channel this week, “I never felt it was a social responsibility to take care of the children of others.”Samuel Corum / Getty Images

  • Senator Ron Johnson said that “taking care of the children of others” is not “social responsibility.”

  • Instead, Johnson favored reducing unemployment benefits to alleviate the ongoing labor shortage.

  • He used to say he was “not a real fan” Child tax credit.

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin opposed government efforts to make parenting cheaper when he visited the headquarters of the Kwick Trip in Lacrosse on Tuesday.

“People have a family and decide to be parents, which is something they need to consider when making that choice,” Johnson said. I told the local Wisconsin TV station WKBT. “I have never realized that it is the responsibility of society to take care of the children of others.”

Johnson said he spoke with WKBT and did not support the government’s move to help families find childcare options.Instead, Johnson told the news station that he would support the slash. Unemployment allowance Bringing more people back to work, Continued labor shortage..

He told WKBT that he supports more efforts to help people get jobs that allow them to support their families.

Johnson has historically not been a supporter of childcare legislation.

May 2021, Johnson Comment on WKOW-TV He supported Wisconsin’s $ 300 weekly reduction in federal unemployment subsidies. In an interview, Johnson repelled a suggestion from WKOW-TV host AJ Bayatpour that many women would not be able to re-employ because wages do not cover the cost of childcare.

“Unemployment benefits aren’t meant to provide alternative wages,” Johnson said. “When it wasn’t the fault of anyone who was unemployed or advised to stay home to prevent the spread of illness. Was provided during COVID. “

“Wages are set in the market. Companies, whether restaurants or manufacturing, can pay based on competitive conditions, such as competition between foreign manufacturers and domestic suppliers. I will pay the wages I can, “added Johnson. “I have a lot of confidence in the market for setting the right wage rates.”

Johnson also admitted that he was “not a real fan” Child tax credit It offers parents up to $ 3,600 per child.

“In general, I don’t like to use tax law in both economic and social engineering. I think we’re doing a terrible job. I treat all income equally, simple and simple. I like reasonable tax law. ” Said Answer questions about child tax credits.

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