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Korean historical drama was frustrated by the opposition to China’s “cultural imperialism”

A large-budget Korean historical drama was aired after viewers accused the scriptwriter of being “cultural imperialism” from China and rewriting history. The 16-part series “Korean Demon Master” was withdrawn by the Seoul Broadcasting System after the scriptwriter and cast apologized and received a hostile public reception in just two episodes. The criticism of the series extended to China’s criticism of attempting to expropriate Korean culture. Viewers resented the historical mistakes and the protagonist, dressed in Chinese clothes and eating mooncakes, dumplings, “century eggs” and other dishes that are easier to serve in China. South Korean TV watchdogs received more than 3,900 complaints by March 24, two days after the second episode aired, and numerous petitions were launched on the official website of the South Korean president, with at least 12 companies. Withdrew advertising and sponsor JoongAng. Reported daily. In a statement, screenwriter Park Gayok said, “I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by my unfriendly script for the past few days.” “I should have learned from the mistakes of the past and told a better story as a writer. I offended the viewer with my lack of judgment.” Park said last year, titled “Queen.” It was the subject of similar criticism in the television project. Broadcaster SBS claims that “Jose on Exorcist” has not received foreign capital, but Park has a contract with a production company in Hangzhou, China, and its Chinese employees are based in his office. It is reported that it is placed. He also works for the state-owned China Daily newspaper in Seoul. Beijing is using big hands on other screen projects, and a live-action version of Disney’s “Mulan” sparked controversy last year after being allegedly blinded to Chinese human rights records in exchange for Chinese investment.