Senator says US weakness against Russia will harm Taiwan

Senator Tom Cotton (Republican) said Taiwan could be invaded by the next democracy if the United States did not pay Russian President Vladimir Putin the price of an “unprovoked naked war of aggression” against Ukraine. I warned that there was.

“China is now looking at us today, just as Putin saw Joe Biden’s shameful retreat in Afghanistan,” Cotton said in a speech. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library March 7th in California.

“If we fail to impose the highest prices on Russia’s aggression, Ukraine will not only become a new POW nation, but Taiwan will soon cross the cross,” said Cotton. “If Joe Biden doesn’t let him pay, the Republicans must.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has fueled speculation about Taiwan’s fate, and whether the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has become bold and will soon invade the autonomous islands.

Given how the communist regime has responded since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, if Beijing chooses to invade Taiwan, China is not military, but at least politically, China’s. It drives speculation that it may gain support. So far, Beijing has refused to blame Russia for its aggression, supported Russia’s rhetoric, did not call the attack an aggression, and abstained twice in a UN vote.

Moscow has chosen to support China over Taiwan’s sovereignty. In a joint statement released on February 4, after a meeting between Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Moscow stated that “Taiwan is part of China’s inviolability” and “independence of any form of Taiwan.” I also disagree. “

The statement also set the conditions for the current China-Russia alliance, with “unlimited” partnerships and “no” banned “fields of cooperation.”

When Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described Taiwan as “eventually returning to the hug of his homeland,” the Chinese administration reiterated its desire to take over Taiwan on Monday. He also refused to compare Taiwan and Ukraine, stating that the former was “China’s internal affairs” and the crisis in Ukraine was a “fight between the two countries.”

The king also accused the United States of trying to form Indo-Pacific NATO, reflecting an important justification for Russia’s aggression.

“Now China is our most dangerous enemy,” said Cotton. “The Chinese Communist Party has committed all kinds of economic crimes in the book, including product dumping, intellectual property theft, illegal subsidies, economic spying, currency manipulation, and even the use of slave labor.”

He said the US decision to give China permanent most favored nation (MFN) status was “the only worst mistake of this generation.” Status became a new name in 1998 and became known as Permanent Normal Trade Relations.

Former President Bill Clinton signed the US-China Relations Act of 2000, paving the way for Beijing to join the World Trade Organization and giving China most favored nation treatment. This designation opens the US market for Chinese goods with trade benefits such as tariff reductions.

“In many states like me, a quarter of the manufacturing industry is lost. Factories have been closed, families have split, and opportunities have collapsed,” said a lawmaker. “It’s time to end our economic dependence on China.”

Last year, Cotton and other Republican senators introduced a law depriving China of its trade status to hold it accountable for China’s economic aggression and human rights infringement. Cotton submitted a similar bill in 2020.

“It’s time to break the supply chain, but decoupling alone isn’t enough,” added Cotton. “We should ban US investment in strategic Chinese industry, encourage re-payment of US factories and jobs, and punish offshoring in China.”

In February 2021, Cotton published a report compiled by his office, showing strategies for separating the US and Chinese sectors. These areas include artificial intelligence, critical minerals, entertainment, higher education, investment, medical and medical devices, telecommunications, and semiconductors.

“We are the party that breaks the Russian Communist wall and sends Chinese Communism to the trash of history,” Cotton concludes.

Hours before Cotton gave a speech, President Ronald Reagan’s Foundation and Institute told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “a brave fight against monopoly politics and an indomitable attitude towards freedom and democracy.” Announced that it has awarded the prestigious Ronald Reagan Freedom Award.

Frank Fang


Frank Fang is a Taiwan-based journalist. He covers news in China and Taiwan. He holds a master’s degree in materials science from Tsinghua University in Taiwan.