Senator Ted Cruz accused Congressman Maxine Waters of “actively encouraging riots and violence” after protesting the killing of Dante Wright by police.

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz will ask questions at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmatory hearing on March 9, 2021. Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images

  • Senator Ted Cruz has accused Senator Maxine Waters of inciting violence in protest of police atrocities.

  • Waters opposed the recent police killing of a black man and told demonstrators to stay there.

  • “The Democratic Party is actively encouraging riots and violence,” Cruz tweeted in response to Waters’ remarks.

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Senator Ted Cruz suggested on Sunday that Senator Maxine Waters was instigating violence by encouraging Minnesota demonstrators to continue protesting police atrocities.

California Democrat, Waters, attended One of the protests against the police killing on Sunday 20-year-old Dantelite..

Protests Trial against Derek Chauvin, A Minneapolis policeman who knelt down and killed George Floyd. The courthouse, where the trial takes place, is just a few miles from where police officers shot and killed Wright last week.

In protest, Waters said she and the crowd were “looking for a conviction” for Chauvin.

According to the video posted, “we have to stay on the street and demand justice,” she said. twitter From the event.

“I’m hoping for a verdict of’guilty, guilty, guilty’, otherwise I can’t leave,” she added. “We need more conflict.”

Texas Republican Cruz has blown up these statements from Waters.

“The Democrats are actively encouraging riots and violence,” he tweeted with a Daily Mail article reporting Waters’ comments.

“They want to tear us apart,” he added.

Wright was fatally shot by Police Officer Kimberly Potter at the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. 26 years of experience at the Force..The department’s police chief said she said earlier this week Intended to shoot lights with her taser, Not her gun. Potter then resigned and Faced with two manslaughter charges..

After Wright was killed, protests broke out on the streets of the Brooklyn Center and the surrounding Minneapolis area.

From the first day of protest, officials National Guard and Curfew.. Since then, protesters have broken the curfew to oppose police atrocities.

In some of these protests, police clashed with demonstrators and fired tear gas and non-lethal bullets to disperse the crowd. Among the protesters who were exposed to tear gas was Wright’s aunt. Kelly Bryant..

She told insiders that she saw people throwing trash at the police.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. I was exposed to tear gas,” she said. “It wasn’t a pretty sight. I saw people looting, breaking windows, stealing things from stores and burning things. It was bad. It was really bad.”

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