Senator Tom Cotton was scorned by social media after accusing AP of colluding with Hamas following the Israeli airstrike.

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Senator Tom Cotton

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US Senator Tom Cotton Collected criticism suggesting that the Associated Press was acting in collusion HamasAfter Israel strikes the building that housed the office of the news organization Gaza..

A 12-story building Blowed up by Israel on Saturday National intelligence claimed that the AP building was actually the home of Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group.

It follows issued by the United Nations caveat A “full-scale war” between Israel and Hamas after days of fighting in and around Gaza.

“Why is AP sharing a building with Hamas? Certainly these brave reporters knew who their neighbors were,” Cotton spoke on the Senate floor on Monday. I asked.

“Did they deliberately allow US-designated terrorist organizations to use them as human shields?” Senator went on to accuse AP of refusing to report on Hamas for years.

Mr Cotton also attacked “capricious reporters” from the office-based AP and Al Jazeera, also before Saturday, following Israel’s international criticism of the airstrikes.

The footage of the collapsed building on Saturday was widely shared on social media by Al Jazeera’s deputy secretary general, Mostefasug. Accusation “War crimes” Israel.

Associated Press President and CEO Gary Pruitt Added “Because of what happened today, the world will not know much about what is happening in Gaza,” he asked for further evidence from Israel.

“We asked the Israeli government to provide evidence. The AP bureau has been in the building for 15 years,” Pluit said in a statement.

“There was no sign that Hamas was in or was active in the building. This is what we are checking as aggressively as possible. Deliberately endangering journalists. That will never happen. “

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday that there was no evidence of Israeli intelligence he had seen, according to a report with the AP. Axios..

On Twitter, Mr. Cotton’s critics, along with users, provided criticism of the allegations, D Rosa Written by: “This is clinically insane anger, even when measured by Tom Cotton’s usual standards.”

“I think Tom Cotton has an unpleasant question to answer, such as why he’s making a monumental butt like himself,” said another Twitter user. Bruce Coffman Added. “Blinken says he has never seen evidence of Hamas in the building. They bombed it and stopped reporting their dirt.”

Independent I contacted AP for comment on Mr. Cotton’s remarks.

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