Senator Tombac, Minnesota’s leading power broker, retires

Minnesota’s longtime senator Tom Bach will retire at the end of the current session.

Important reason: Back, a former Senate DFL leader who recently left the caucuses independently in the caucuses, is a leading authority and trader in the State Capitol.

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Big picture: Bakk Rising wave of retirement next Redrawing the state’s political map..

What he says: Cook’s independent, first elected to Congress in 1994, said he and his wife were looking forward to a new life chapter featuring more football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, football and hockey. Our grandchildren learn and grow. “

Flashback: Buck left Senate DFL independently in the caucuses in November 2020, months after being voted as the leader of the caucuses in favor of a new member of the suburbs, Susan Kent. ..

Line spacing: In the broader political restructuring of Iron Range in northern Minnesota, the retirement of Buck and Senator David Tomassoni, independent of another former Democratic Party, took place.

conspiracy: Former Senate GOP leader Paul Gazelka had previously proposed that Buck run for the Senate as a Republican this year. But this move closes the door.

What’s next: As Chairman of the Capital Investment Commission, Buck’s pre-retirement to-do list includes trying to mediate the transaction of another borrowing bill for public infrastructure and construction projects.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to add context for the split back with the Senate DFL.

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