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Community members mourn during Candlelight Vigil after a car passes through a holiday parade in Walkisha, Wisconsin

Members of the community mourn during a candlelight vigil at Cutler Park after a car passes through a holiday parade in Walkisha, Wisconsin, USA on November 22, 2021.Cheney Orr / Reuters

  • A man driving an SUV at a Christmas parade in Walkisha, Wisconsin last Sunday.

  • Senators Wisconsin (Democrats and Republicans) urged people not to politicize the tragedy.

  • Six people were killed in the crash.

Two Wisconsin Senators, Democrat Tammy Baldwin and Republican Ron Johnson, jointly statement Ask people outside the state not to politicize the Walkisha tragedy last weekend.

“I realized that outside individuals and groups could try to abuse the tragedy that happened in Wakesha last Sunday for their political purposes. As a U.S. Senator on behalf of Wisconsin, from each party. We ask each person who is considering such an action, one by one, to stop, to stop, “Boldwin and Johnson wrote.

on Sunday, A red SUV rushes through a barricade and crashes into a crowd Of people at the Christmas parade in Walkisha, which is part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

Walkisha police chief Daniel Thompson said suspect Darrell E. Brooks, 39, was involved in a domestic conflict minutes before he “intentionally” pushed his car into the crowd.

The crash resulted in 6 deaths: with 5 adults Only child.

It is not immediately clear to whom the Senator’s letter is addressed.They said local civil servants should be given
“Respect and support” with interference when they investigate and organize the aftermath of the crash and add that the “politically condemned atmosphere” should not make the investigation more difficult.

“Their top priority is to initiate the healing process within Waukesha by providing comfort and support to the surviving families of the deceased and those injured both physically and mentally,” Senator said. I am writing.

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