Senators approve most of Democratic drug price controls

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senators narrowed Democrats’ plan to curb drug prices but left it largely intact on Saturday, Democratic leaders said. vast economic bill through the chamber.

Chamber of Commerce rules arbitrator Elizabeth McDonagh says the clause that forces drug companies to pay rebates should be removed if the price of the products they sell to private insurers exceeds inflation. said.

However, if the price of drugs purchased by Medicare rises, the pharmaceutical companies will have to pay these penalties.

Other restrictions on rising drug costs persisted, including allowing Medicare to negotiate the cost of drugs purchased, limiting out-of-pocket costs for seniors, and providing free vaccines.

“This is a big win for the American people,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) said in a statement. “There was one unfortunate ruling that the scope of the inflation rebate was more limited, but the overall program remained intact and ultimately challenged Big Pharma to provide Rx drugs for millions of Americans. We are one step closer to lowering the price of

Removing penalties for drug companies for pushing up prices for private insurers would reduce the incentive for drug companies to keep claims down. That would increase patient costs and cut him $288 billion out of his 10-year savings estimated to be generated by the Democratic Party’s overall drug control.

Still, the lawmakers’ ruling has allowed Democrats to push the drug clause as a consumer boon at a time when voters are raging over the worst inflation in 40 years.

Details of the lawmakers’ ruling were explained by two Democrats, who spoke only on condition of anonymity.