Senator’s claim that Chinese Canadians face discrimination and exclusion is ‘Strawman’s argument’: former ambassador

The former ambassador said Senator Yuen Pau Wu’s claims that people of Chinese descent in Canada faced “modern forms of exclusion and discrimination” were divisive and diverted from the Beijing administration’s true tactics. It states that

“Senator says many Canadians have stereotypical views of Chinese,” says former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney wrote on twitter February 16th.

“Senators are preparing a Strowman debate that will be dangerously divisive and make it difficult to speak clearly about China. [People’s Republic of China] tactics. “

Mulroney’s tweet was in response to Wu’s tweet February 14 Senate Address To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, it effectively banned all immigration from China to Canada for 24 years, until it was repealed in May 1947.

In his speech, Wu alluded to some developments that have raised concerns about Beijing’s foreign intervention operations in Canada as a kind of “modern exclusion.”

“Chinese Canadians face at least three types of modern-day exclusion. He said.

Wu said such racism “is promoted and instigated by seemingly respectable people, yet alludes to generalizations about Canadian Chinese and the diseases they allegedly bring to society.” The number of deaths from opioids.”

The second form of exclusion has to do with “long-standing stereotypes about Chinese Canadians and what they are good at and what they are good at,” particularly whether they are “suitable for leadership positions.” He said there is.

The third exclusion is the most insidious, as it seeks to divide the Chinese community into those who can tolerate it and those who can’t,” said Wu.

“Acceptable Chinese Canadians conform to a particular worldview, deny affiliation with individuals and groups that are blackballed for political reasons, and are seen as an all-encompassing threat to people. A person who speaks out openly against the Republic of China. Failure to comply with these norms is viewed as questionable at best, or, more ominously, a litmus test for dishonesty and dishonesty to Canada. ”

Wu provided several examples of what he described as the exclusion of Chinese Canadians.

“This assumes that all workplace violations in the technology sector are examples of espionage, frames collaboration between Canadian and Chinese scientists as inherently It’s a sort of exclusion that calls on people to turn their backs on long-term partnerships on the mainland,” he said.

This seems to imply a ban on federal funding for projects done in collaboration with researchers affiliated with the Chinese military, which Ottawa announced earlier that week. The ban follows reports indicating that dozens of Canadian universities are working with PLA agencies to work on sensitive research topics ranging from guided missiles to technologies that facilitate wiretapping. was done later.

The Epoch Times reached out to Wu for comment on Mulroney’s tweet, but did not receive a response.

Recent revelations of Chinese interference in Canada include allegations of illegal police departments operating in the country and media reports citing sources of widespread Chinese interference in Canadian elections. be

International concerns about China’s espionage activities were further heightened following reports that a Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon crossed Canadian and US airspace and was shot down by US forces.