Senior leaders attend Geneva talks after US-Russia escalation

U.S. Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said security between the two countries in Geneva on January 10 as international pressure on Russia to ease tensions along the Ukrainian border increases. Lead security negotiations.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation at Moscow’s request to solve the problem constructively in the interests of each other. Russia has recently gathered 60,000 to 90,000 troops along the Ukrainian border to warn European powers and the NATO alliance. Putin is calling on NATO for legally binding security with respect to the deployment of weapons and other expansions along its eastern border.

Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, said, “During the talks, the US side seeks a solid legal guarantee on Russia’s security. That is, NATO does not move east and the weapons system that threatens Russia borders. It will not be deployed nearby. ” Thursday briefing.

Meanwhile, in a recent 50-minute meeting, Biden warned Putin that if an attack on Ukraine were to take place, sanctions would be imposed along with the escalation of US presence. Moscow annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014 to support domestic pro-Russian separatists who wage war against Kiev troops almost eight years ago.

“I told President Putin that if he took any further action, he would be subject to severe sanctions when he entered Ukraine. When he left the restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden told reporters. Told.

More talks are scheduled for January, and leaders are looking for ways to resolve their current plight. “The two leaders acknowledged that there may be areas where significant progress can be made and areas where agreement is not possible, and that future talks will more accurately outline each of these categories,” said the senior. The manager said.officially Reuters..

Putin immediately responded to any sanctions, including separating Russia from the global financial system, and according to the Kremlin’s aide Yuri Ushakov, “it could completely disrupt relations between the two countries.” Clarified.

Biden will also meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday, and officials said this month they would discuss the border crisis as well as prepare for territorial integrity and involvement with Russia.

“We have agreed with a strategic partner (USA), so there is nothing about (Ukraine) without (Ukraine). I look forward to talking again. @POTUS This Sunday, to coordinate our steps for peace in Ukraine and security in Europe. ” I have written In a tweet on Saturday.

Ukraine wants to join NATO, but the alliance claims that there is still a long way to go before it joins, including domestic reforms and the enforcement of the rule of law. In addition, NATO was thinly stretched and needed to invest more resources to maintain security along the Ukrainian border.

Russia will meet with NATO on 12 January and will have a more comprehensive meeting with the United States, Ukraine and other European countries in Vienna on 13 January.

Naveen Athrappully


Naveen Athrappully is a news reporter covering business and global events in The Epoch Times.