Senior Mounty, who oversaw the NS shooting investigation, explains why it was important to keep firearm details secret.

Prior to the hearing from April 18-19, 2020, he testified to the RCMP’s assistant commissioner, the mass murder in rural Nova Scotia. Darren Campbell explained why keeping the details of the firearms used by the murderer secret is important for ongoing investigations.

His remarks surfaced a conference memo suggesting that the RCMP Commissioner wanted details of the firearms released to fulfill the promise he had made to the federal government to support the Liberal Party’s gun control legislation. , Issued in allegations of political interference with the investigation.

Campbell told the Mass Casualties Commission on July 25 that accounts would become significantly more important if police confessed to certain unrecorded details from individual or witness accounts. ..

“The weight of the witness statement provided helps us narrow down and focus on the value of a particular witness and the weight of confessions that a criminal may make,” Campbell said. ..

Campbell added that not disclosing information about firearms was “not a headache” for him.

According to Campbell’s memo from the RCMP meeting with Commissioner Brenda Lucky on April 28, 2020, announced at a hearing last month, Lucky called the RCMP staff at the meeting for not disclosing details of the firearms. Scolded. Public Security Minister Bill Blair and the Prime Minister’s Office at the time said information would be made public. The memo says, “This is related to the pending gun control law.”

Another RCMP employee provided a similar account for the April 28, 2020 meeting

“Final, [Lucki] He informed us about the pressure and conversation with Minister Blair. I clearly understood that this was related to the next pass of the Gun Law … and it was, “said Lear, Director of Strategic Communications, Novascocia RCMP, to Lucky April 14, 2021. The letter states. Scanlan. The letter was announced in an inquiry last month.

Lucky initially recommended not disclosing information about the type of gun used, according to further documents released in this month’s survey. Lucky made these statements by email to Blair’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Minister on April 23, 2020, prior to the meeting on April 28, 2020.

According to police, the guns used by the murderers in the 2020 tragedy were not legally available.

Immediately after the genocide, the federal government banned 1,5,000 weapons in May 2020 and has since introduced other gun control laws.

Conservatives say the information released indicates that there was political interference with the investigation.

“The Liberal Party prioritized political interests over the completeness of the most important RCMP investigation in Canada’s history,” said Tories MP Raquel Dancho, the shadow minister of her party’s public security, on July 25. Said to.

Lucky, like the federal government, denied interfering with the investigation or exerting political pressure.

“The Commissioner has confirmed that I and other members of this government have not given any instructions or pressure to direct her in any way,” Blair said.

Omid Goreishi


Omid Ghoreishi is a Toronto-based reporter of The Epoch Times.