Seoul says it will investigate two likely cruise missiles in its fifth North Korean launch this month.

According to South Korean troops, the North Korean government launched two cruise missiles on Tuesday, and the fifth missile launch was reported this month.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missile was launched into the Tokai region on Tuesday, but details are not yet available as the launch is still under consideration.

North Korea’s cruise missile launches are not prohibited under UN sanctions imposed on North Korea.

The missile launch will take place a few days after North Korea has vowed to immediately develop a “stronger physical means” to defeat the “hostile movement of the United States.” according to To North Korea’s state media Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

On January 17, North Korea launched two “tactical guided missiles” from North Korea.

North Korea’s two missile tests on January 5 and 11 are “super-personal” missiles, with the United States procuring supplies for North Korea’s weapons program from Russia and China. He claimed to have urged the six North Koreans involved to impose sanctions.

The United States then requested the UN Security Council that five of these individuals be subject to a UN travel ban and asset freeze, but representatives from China and Russia blocked the proposal and upheld it. He argued that additional time and evidence would be needed to do so.

At a political bureau meeting of the ruling Labor Party last week, North Korean officials “unanimously acknowledged” that Pyongyang needs to be “more fully prepared for a long-term conflict with US imperialism.” “KCNA reported.

Kim Jong-un’s socialist government said, “US hostile policies and military threats have reached a line of danger that is no longer overlooked.” Claim..

Therefore, the Politburo Committee said it had ordered a review of confidence-building measures and a “resumption of all temporarily suspended actions.”

US Ambassador to the United States Linda Thomas Greenfield issued a joint statement on January 20 on behalf of eight countries: the United States, Albania, Brazil, France, Ireland, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. A unified council to condemn Pyongyang’s “illegal activity.”

They called on the Council Committee to support UN sanctions on those who support North Korea’s weapons program, and warned that not doing so would be equivalent to giving North Korea a “blank check.”

Lee Sang-min, a military expert at the South Korean Defense Analysis Institute, said this month’s missile volley created geopolitical tensions and directed the Biden administration and its “hostile policies” to the demands of North Korean leaders. He said it was intended to be promoted.

“Cruise missiles are considered less threatening because they are slower than ballistic missiles, but they hit targets with the precision that North Korea will continue to develop,” Lee said.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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