Sergeant loses vacation when union office is attacked

New York (AP) — A former chief of the New York City Police Military Personnel Union was punished for losing 70 days of vacation after being convicted by his own police station for improperly disclosing and using information. rice field. Police said on Friday inappropriate words on social media.

New York Police Department Ed Mullins has already filed his retirement documents last month and has since retired as chairman of the Sergeant Charity Association. A federal agent attacking the union’s office and his home.

The retirement came into effect as of Friday, but the NYPD said in an email that “the case proceeded swiftly to ensure that appropriate penalties would be imposed if convicted.” rice field.

A message was left asking for comment from a Malins lawyer.

Mullins was convicted of disciplinary action for improperly tweeting New York Police Department documents last year for the arrest of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter during a protest against the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. rice field. He denied violating the guidelines.

In another complaint from the Private Complaint Review Board, he was also convicted after an executive trial for using inappropriate language in social media posts referring to other New York City officials.

Review Committee Chairman Fred Davy said he was “disappointed” that Malins was docked during the holidays and was not fired for a social media post, calling it a “direct breach of the NYPD Code of Conduct.” is.