“Serial killer of suspects” killed “vulnerable” homeless man on the street, officials say



Florida realtor Cryptocurrency soft spot The Miami-Dade County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to The Daily Beast, officially charged with the night-time murder of two homeless men in Miami.

Willy Suarez Maceo, 25, is suspected of shooting 56-year-old Jerome Antonio Price five times on December 21, 2021 while sleeping on a sidewalk in the Winwood district of Miami. A few hours ago, Maceo allegedly shot another homeless man sleeping in the area. The unidentified man incredibly survived with a gunshot wound on his head, but later told police he didn’t know how he was injured.

At a press conference on Friday, Miami-Dade County state lawyer Katherine Fernandez Randall explained to reporters a step-by-step narration of surveillance footage allegedly showing that Maceo was involved in the act.

“I would like to applaud the work of all Miami Police Department and law enforcement partners,” Fernandez Randall said. “This community does not tolerate crimes against silent, vulnerable and homeless people.”

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Miami-Dade County Prosecutor’s Office

Ballistic tests linked the 9mm shell casings found at both crime scenes, and a closed-circuit camera captured the black Dodge Charger license plate found near where Price was shot down. Detectives ran the plate, indicating that the vehicle was registered with Maceo, officials said.

“This was an important break to begin removing anonymity from this alleged mysterious murderer,” Fernandez Randall said on Friday.

When police arrested Maceo on Christmas Eve on the outskirts of Kendal, they reportedly found him a 9mm Glock pistol. A new series of ballistic tests revealed that Maceo’s weapon was used in both shots. Miami-Dade PD Interim Chief Manuel Morales Said in December.

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Miami-Dade County Prosecutor’s Office

On Friday, Fernandez Randall showed a body camera video from his arrest, where he could clearly see Glock being pushed into Maceo’s waistband.

Morales, who described Maceo as “a suspected serial killer,” was able to link him to a deadly puncture wound when 59-year-old Manuel Perez was killed in downtown Miami last October. Said that.

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Miami-Dade County Prosecutor’s Office

Maceo has been imprisoned since December on suspicion of attempted planned murder. At the time, Kendal Rinko, a lawyer appointed in Maceo’s court, argued that the video and ballistic evidence obtained by police did not necessarily mean that Maceo was the culprit.

“Mr. I’ve never seen Maceo shooting.” Rinko told Judge Alberto Milian of the Circuit Court..

Millian was not convinced and denied Maceo’s bond.

Rinko didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment on Friday.

More than a year before the December shooting, Maceo’s parents called 911 and told police that Maceo was suffering from bipolar disorder and refused to take the drug. Maceo yelled at the conspiracy theory and said he was racking Glock’s slides, urging police officers to put Maceo under involuntary psychiatric detention. Authorities confiscated Maceo’s gun, but was obliged to return it within 72 hours of his release from the hospital. Investigators now believe that Maceo used the same weapon in both shots.

The Maceo broker page was removed from the Century 21 website at the time of his arrest. In his social media feed, Maceo posing with an exotic sports car In front of luxury luxury real estate.Havana-born Maceo also seems to be interested in cryptocurrencies and is a follower Benefits of investing in dangerous bets like Shiba Inu coins..

Maceo on Twitter suggested that he has expertise as well as real estate. Proclaimed to be a professional “Home security services, firearms, surveillance systems, taxes, immigration, notaries, construction and development, business and corporate structure, stock market and cryptocurrency investments, portfolios, legal referrals, etc.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said Friday’s murders in Miami fell by 23 percent last year.But violent crimes targeting people experiencing homelessness It is rising Wider and uncontained More often hate crime victims Experts say more than the average person. In Los Angeles, for example, homeless people are the victims of violent criminals about 40 times daily. According to NBC News report..

Friday’s Miami PD Assistant Chief Armando Aguilar thanked the bystanders and witnesses who might have said, “Well, that’s not my job.” I will care about my business. They chose to do the right thing, they chose to call for help for these people, who very much believed that our murderers had forgotten in society. “

At the end of the press conference, Florida Homeless Last Chairman Ronbook said: They didn’t hurt anyone. “

Maceo will appear on the back court on April 14th.

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