Set a new record!Tesla produced and delivered more than 200,000 new cars in the second quarter


Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory

VCG via Getty Images

Tesla seems to have come out of the impact of the new crown epidemic, according to its announcement not long ago Q2 Financial Report, The company set some new records in this quarter. First, Tesla produced and delivered more than 200,000 new cars during the quarter, an increase of 151% the following year. Its GAAP net profit in a single quarter reached US$1.1 billion for the first time, which is almost 10 times that of the same period a year ago. At the same time, revenue has also risen by 98% the following year, but the earnings report also mentions $23 million in “Bitcoin-related impairment”.

In addition, Tesla also reached 85MW of solar power generation in the second quarter, an increase of 215% from a year ago. The global increase in super charging stations is close to 1,000, and CEO Elon Musk also confirmed the plan that charging stations will be opened to other electric vehicles this year. “Our current idea is very simple. The car owner only needs to download the Tesla app, go to the super charging station and select the charging pile.” Musk said, “This solution should basically be applicable to any brand of vehicle.” Of course, Fetes The car owner may still have some restrictions when charging. Musk said, “If the charging speed of the car is too slow, the charge may increase.”

“The public’s concept and support for electric vehicles seems to be at an unprecedented inflection point. At this stage, I think almost everyone will agree that electric vehicles will be the only development direction in the future.” Musk said. In addition, he also emphasized that the negative impact of the chip shortage on the auto market still exists, and warned that this problem may not be resolved before the end of this year. In the part of technological progress, after collecting enough data, Tesla has decided to start removing radar from the FSD system in some areas, which means that the pure vision solution will enter a new stage of development next.

As for the FSD subscription service launched in July, Musk believes that it still needs a gradual process. To be truly successful, “widespread popularity” is required, and Musk believes it will play a more critical role next year. Finally, at the meeting, Musk also mentioned that the development of the 4680 new battery is still steadily advancing, and its “performance and lifespan” has been verified by the California manufacturing facility. Next, Tesla will focus on overcoming the “10% manufacturing process that currently causes a bottleneck in production.” However, there is no official schedule for when the 4680 will be put into use.