Seven months old pulled from a crashed truck after teens led Texas police in high-speed pursuit

two Teen led Texas police in high-speed pursuit On Saturday night, while the baby was in the car, he eventually rolled a truck and hit a drain.

According to Splendra police, it started with a traffic stop at 10 pm. Splendora It’s about 30 minutes northeast of Houston.

Splendra police officers saw a Ford pickup truck without brake lights, but when they tried to pull the vehicle, they drove away.

Police say a teenage girl in the passenger seat was throwing “potential drugs” out the window as the truck speeded down the freeway.

Tracking reached 90 mph at some points on the truck Interweaving traffic, The police told KHOU.

In the end, the driver, identified as 18-year-old Jose Aragon, went out on another roadway, turned between the two vehicles, and lost control, police said.

The photo of the collision shows that the truck rolled and stopped on the roof, causing serious damage.

The chase eventually ended in a collision and the truck launched from the road towards the drain.

The chase eventually ended in a collision and the truck launched from the road towards the drain.

As the police approached the truck, they saw Aragon and the girl go out, tying up the baby and pulling a child seat out of the wreckage.

Aragon and 16 years old I’m the parents of my child, KTRK reported. The 7-month-old baby was not injured.

According to police, teens were slightly injured and taken to a nearby hospital. The child was also taken “for a prophylactic evaluation”.

According to police, Aragon has been detained and charged with the danger and felony of a child evading law enforcement. He also has excellent warrants against exacerbation of assault by deadly weapons, avoidance of law enforcement, and confiscation of debt.

According to police, the girl is facing suspicion of falsification of evidence and possession of controlled substances for felony charges.

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