Seven police officers were fired after a black man died in a Texas prison. His family says he was facing a mental health crisis.

Seven Texas detainees were dismissed after a black man, whose family said he might be experiencing a mental health crisis, died in custody. The eighth officer has resigned.

Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner said in a news release Thursday that an internal investigation revealed that police violated departmental policies and procedures, killing 26-year-old Marvin Scott III.

Scott was arrested on March 14 on suspicion of possessing marijuana. Skinner said he had “strange behavior” at a press conference on March 19, according to media outlets.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Scott was first taken to Texas Health Press Vitarian Hospital in Allen, Texas, and then to Collin County Prison.

Officers put Restraint bed Scott, And they used a pepper spray and covered his face with a spit mask. He became unresponsive and was later sentenced to death in another hospital.

An independent autopsy performed by American forensics in Mesquite, Texas, found that Scott was likely to have died from detention and suffocation, said family lawyer Lee Merritt. Instagram post.. He added that the final result is pending.

Official autopsy results have not been published.

The family also says Scott may have suffered from a mental health crisis. Scott was suffering from schizophrenia, where he was taking the drug, his mother, Lasandra Scott, told the press.

Merit said Scott hadn’t experienced a mental health crisis for over a year and police should have taken him to a mental health clinic, just as he had after his previous arrest in Collin County. The Dallas Morning News reported..

March 15, the day after Scott’s death. Sheriff’s office announced Seven officers have been on leave and the Texas Rangers are investigating the case. Rangers has not issued a statement.

“People are upset. Family is upset. Community is upset. I’m upset,” Skinner said at a press conference on March 19. Video posted by The Dallas Morning News. “The death of this young man is a serious tragedy and we have a duty to reveal the complete and complete truth.”

But as the Rangers completed the criminal investigation, he said, “I need patience now.”

Following the end news, the benefits Tweet on thursday The family is “relieved”.

“But they are anxious to see these men arrested and charged with criminal charges,” he added.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Marvin Scott III: Seven Texas Police Officers Dismissed After Death in Detention