Seven victims of an obvious addiction German university


Berlin — Seven colleges in western Germany were treated after showing symptoms of poisoning, and prosecutors began investigating alleged attempted murder, officials said Tuesday.

Employees and students at the Polytechnic Institute in Darmstadt, southern Frankfurt, experienced medical problems on Monday. According to police, a milk carton and water container in one of the campus buildings was contaminated with toxic substances between Friday and Monday. The contaminated liquid was said to have a strong odor.

Police and prosecutors said Tuesday that they searched other university buildings as a precautionary measure, but found nothing else related to the alleged addiction. They also said that no one else had symptoms before.

They said in a statement that they were doing everything to “identify the culprit” and, as far as they know, there was no longer an “acute danger”.

Prosecutor Robert Hartman told reporters that the authorities believed the pollution could be intentional, but there is currently no information pointing out that certain people may be the culprit. Said not. He said the substance was identified, but prosecutors would not publicly name it for now in light of ongoing investigations.

Some have been “relatively seriously” affected by the addiction, but their lives no longer seem to be at risk, Hartmann said.

“We are shocked by the apparent crimes that have taken place at our university,” University President Tanja Bruehl said in a statement.

Associated Press