Seven whistleblowers write to Judge Ghislaine Maxwell

New York (AP) —Seven women say Ghislaine Maxwell helped Jeffrey Epstein steal a young man’s innocence and poison his future promises, which sentence she will give to an Englishman imprisoned on Tuesday. Women asking judges to consider their pain when deciding.

Their statement was put into a trial file late Friday by a Manhattan prosecutor who asked U.S. district judge Alison J. Nathan to sentence Maxwell. 30 to 55 years in prison As a result of a “huge” crime December conviction of sexual trafficking For a social celebrity who has been imprisoned since his arrest in July 2020.

Four women testified Maxwell’s one-month trial describes Epstein’s and Maxwell’s sexual attacks on teenage girls in Epstein’s mansions and mansions in Manhattan, New Mexico, Florida, and the Virgin Islands from 1994 to 2004. did.

In a statement, Annie Farmer, who testified before committing suicide in August 2019, awaiting a sex trafficking trial, spoke at Epstein’s bail hearing, said Maxwell’s lack of remorse and victims. Her repeated lie about said, “I was forced into a long battle for justice,” it felt like a black hole that sucked in our precious time, energy, and happiness. “

Attorney Bobby Sternheim Includes victim statement In her submission to the judge on Friday after the defense sought a judgment within five years, she significantly edited the part that required the judge to completely ignore some.

However, the prosecutor said that the benefits of privacy belonged to the victims and no one sought to seal their statement, so editing was necessary or not necessary. “By withholding statements about the impact on victims from the public, the benefits of due process are not protected,” they added. Three victims may speak in the judgment.

Included nine graphic photographs of Sarah Lansam taken in a hospital bed after two attempted suicides of more than half a year of trauma spent as “sex toys” such as Epstein and Maxwell. From the cliffs to the sea where sharks infest the vast estates of Epstein’s Virgin Islands.

Lansam, who wrote the book “Silenced No More” and traveled from a British home to observe Maxwell’s trial, said he was stopped from plunging at the moment of “Maxwell and the Company” before jumping. “It seems that it was more attractive than being raped again for a very dangerous escape.”

One of the former British models, Kate, who testified at the trial, said “silence” in the hearts of a girl who was not yet an adult before Maxwell and Epstein flashed wealth and connected with famous and powerful people. They talked about “screams” because of sexual abuse and then fear, they will never obey their cunning quest.

Maria Farmer calls Maxwell “dangerous and malicious,” and crossing Epstein’s sexual assault with a pair while traveling to Ohio sacrifices a promising career as an artist, and Maxwell is harmed. She said she was still in danger outside, convinced that she would exert her “if she had a way” she is Annie Farmer’s sister.

Another Virginia Jufre joked that Maxwell was like a new mother to the dozens of girls and young women she gave to her financier’s boyfriend and later boss, “to hell. I opened the door. ” She said, “Gilene, like a wolf in sheep’s clothes, used her femininity to betray us and guide us all.”

She added: “Rape, molester, you could have put an end to the unpleasant operations you arranged, witnessed, and even participated in. Call the authorities and report that you are part of something terrible. I was able to … Guillene, you deserve to spend the rest of your life in a cell. You deserve to be trapped in a cage forever, just as you trapped a victim. “

AP does not identify those who claim to be victims of sexual assault unless they agree to be identified.