Seventh city blocked in vaccine turmoil

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Seven Australian cities are currently closed due to growing concerns about delta variants.

Seven Australian cities are currently blocked as authorities scramble to prevent the spread of highly contagious deltacoronavirus variants.

Authorities reported a slight increase in more than 200 cases on Wednesday.

In Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Townsville and the Gold Coast, nearly half of the population (more than 12 million people) is stay-at-home.

The outback town of Alice Springs also went into a sudden blockade on Wednesday after the incident in South Australia.

Authorities fear that the virus could spread to nearby Aboriginal communities that are already vulnerable.

Nationwide on Wednesday, state leaders said they were facing a “pressure cooker situation” when a new incident occurred.

Many leaders want faster vaccinations, as only 5% of the population is fully vaccinated.

However, the message about AstraZeneca jab, the country’s main vaccine, is confusing.



Analysis Box by Australian Correspondent Shaimaa Khalil

Analysis Box by Australian Correspondent Shaimaa Khalil

Vaccine contradictions confuse the masses

If you wake up in Australia today, you can afford to be confused about vaccination. There were delays in deployment, supply shortages, and vaccine hesitation. Now, adding mixed messages from leadership to this list is the worst case.

On a big U-turn on Monday, the Prime Minister announced that anyone under the age of 40 who wants the AstraZeneca vaccine can get the vaccine after discussing it with their family doctor.

The message was immediately refuted by the president of the Australian Medical Association, who surprised him and said he opposed expert advice. Australia’s Immunity Technology Advisory Group (ATAGI) has recommended AstraZeneca since the 1960s.

The Prime Minister then accused him of giving false guidance, criticizing Pfizer’s lack of alternatives.

Delta broke Australia’s defense earlier than expected. It emphasizes how slow the vaccine was deployed and sometimes it was chambolic.

Australia is in an enviable position worldwide, with overall low Covid 19 cases and deaths.

But the next few weeks are very important-the country’s Covid success is now hanging in balance.

Delta variants were found in five of eight states and territories just two weeks after their appearance in Sydney.

Australia has taken strict measures to prevent the spread of Covid over the past year. These included closed borders, hotel quarantine, and aggressive contact tracing systems.

However, the leak from the quarantine highlighted a gap in national defense.

It also exposes the vulnerabilities of those who are rarely vaccinated. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been widely criticized for the failed vaccine deployment.

Call to tighten borders

On Wednesday, Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek also called for a crackdown on international arrivals.

She said state concerns about the new Delta incident came from a business traveler from Indonesia who had infected a hospital receptionist. Three cities in the state, Brisbane, Townsville and the Gold Coast, went into a three-day blockade on Tuesday.

“It was a regular traveler who brought the virus to Queensland, not the return of vulnerable Australians … to be honest, to ensure that people coming to this country are vaccinated. I think we need to seriously discuss what to do. “

“We need to minimize the risk. It’s the moment of the pressure cooker right now. It’s like a pressure cooker all over Australia.”

Western Australia and Victoria are also seeking a reevaluation to allow entry into the country.

New South Wales recorded 22 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the cluster to about 170 cases. The capital, Sydney and its surroundings, remains closed until July 9.

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