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Biden considers two Kennedy as ambassadors

Stay up to date with the latest market trends and economic insights at Axios Markets. Subscribe for Free President Biden is considering appointing two Kennedy to represent him abroad: Caroline Kennedy will be the U.S. Ambassador to Australia and Vicky Kennedy will be the U.S. Ambassador to West Europe. Biden, the daughter of JFK on the radar and the widow of Senator Ted Kennedy, will reach out of the pool of his major campaign donors. He also spotlights America’s most famous political dynasty and honors his deceased friends and mentors. Flashback: Biden, who shares the family’s Irish Catholic heritage, praised Ted in 2009. Senate for 36 years. He described Kennedy as “big brother” and thanked Kennedy for defending his honor in the plague controversy in President Biden’s bid in 1988. Details: Vicky, Greenberg Traurig’s lawyer and gun Caroline served as President Obama’s second ambassador to Japan, and the White House, who is familiar with Asia-Pacific issues, reported that AP could head first. I declined to comment. People close to the process emphasized that there is nothing final until the White House sends a formal announcement. News Promotion: Biden was planning to make some formal offers to candidates over the weekend of the holidays, before this soon announced his first ambassador’s slate. Announced Rufus Gifford as his choice to become the chief. Government officials have been enthusiastic about scrutinizing the first group of political ambassadors, hoping to avoid negative headlines. Conspiracy: For many years, Biden has replaced several donors who have raised millions of dollars beyond zoom from the campaign, such as former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and LA mayor Eric Garcetti in addition to political allies. May reward friends and aides. Biden plans to nominate Cindy McCain as an envoy to the world Roman food program. Michael Carpenter, Managing Director of the Pen Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, and former career foreign service cer are being considered from a European standpoint. Some donors may make reductions. Cynthia Telles, a clinical professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral science at UCLA, is being considered in Costa Rica. She and her husband, Joe Wads, co-sponsored Biden’s fundraising campaign in 2019, along with Hollywood celebrities Jeffrey Katzenberg and Rob Reiner. Former UBS Wealth Manager and LGBTQ activist Scott Miller was discussed in Switzerland. He and his husband, Tim Gill, are prominent philanthropists for LGBTQ causes. Learn more about Axios: Sign up to get the latest market trends at Axios Markets.Subscribe for free

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