Sexist job listings by Indiana candy shop owners hit with over 44,000 Facebook comments

Sexist job listings at candy shops have been hit hard — and the owners haven’t retreated or apologized.

Owner of Randy Good, Good candy shop In Anderson, Indiana, he posted a long job announcement on his business Facebook page on Thursday.

In a Facebook post, Good shared his poor experience with certain types of employee behavior, including laziness, manipulation, lies, and “the worst thing is a splitter.”

“Splitting is a girl’s behavior, most often, but not always. It is usually taught by the mother. This is the person who talks about others, trying to divide people and feel better about themselves. “Good posted. “… this is my friend, but it’s actually poison. These misguided gals have no end. While they believe they are innocent, it just spreads and stirs. It’s very common among girls. This is where toxicity and drama find its roots. “

“It’s hard to deal with,” said Goode, especially because “they are often good workers, which is even more frustrating.”

“I can say for sure, there is no cure,” Good said.

But what about his male employee?

“Boys rarely do this,” Good said. “They just made it public! Ha!”

By Tuesday, Facebook posts had over 44,000 comments, The good thing wasn’t shy..

“I want to start with an apology,” Goode said on Tuesday. “As you may know, this page contains something that is difficult to read, but not from me! Ha !! I apologize for the words people have put in the comments. It’s terrible.”

Goode hired employees to work from $ 11 an hour and said, “The energy in the store is thrilling … our Good Girls and Guy are running at the optimal level.” It was.

“We are all benefiting from attacks and slander,” Good said. “They offered more determination to be the best.”

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