SF Walgreens employee follows after calling thieves

Employees in Asia expressed both admiration and concern for tracking down a man who allegedly stole from a Walgreens in San Francisco.

The incident, caught on cell phone video, reportedly occurred at Geary and Taylor’s Walgreens and went viral on Sunday night.

In the video, a hooded man can be seen taking some products from a shelf and stuffing them into his pants.

An employee, identified only as Mary, is seen chasing a man and calling for him.

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“Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you doing?” Mary shouts. “Don’t pack your pants! Get it out!”

Mary also apparently asked someone to call the police. However, the man remained unperturbed despite the staff’s attempts to stop him.

Darren Mark Stohlcup, who posted the video, acknowledged Mary’s bravery.

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“I was getting groceries at my local Walgreens when savages looted the store. increase. world peace movement“This is not her first rodeo!”

A second video reportedly showed Mary actively following the alleged thief as he left the store. I heard another worker telling him to “pull up the drawers.”

“The Barbarian is really showing his butt,” Stohlcup said. KTVU“Mary, an Asian-American worker, isn’t scared yet. Goes beyond the call of duty.”

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Twitter users praised Mary and expressed concerns for her safety.

“I feel so sorry for those workers. They are at risk of being assaulted. said. I have written.

another commented“Mary you are a saint, but you are not worth it.”

“Sad. It’s time to start billing supervisors and hold them accountable. And when workers get hurt, it’s time to prosecute those who support lawlessness on the SF board.” rice field.” I got it.

It’s unclear when law enforcement officials arrived to deal with the incident. NextShark has reached out to the San Francisco Police Department for more information.

via main image Darren Mark Stollcup