Shake up at Iran’s presidential office after tape leaks

Tehran, Iran (AP) —The Iranian president has replaced the head of a think tank that recorded an interview with the country’s foreign minister that leaked this week. This tape gives a glimpse of the power struggle of theocracy, Iran.

In a recording of a conversation between Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and an economist at the Center for Strategic Research, a think tank related to the President of Iran, Zarif provides a frank assessment of his limited role in diplomacy and the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian president has announced that the former director of the Center for Strategic Research has resigned and Ali Rabbie, who is already a spokesman for the Cabinet, will replace him.

Audio tape leaked earlier this week Iran International, a London-based Persian news channel, has sparked political controversy across Iran prior to the June 18 presidential election. Zarif said he didn’t want to run for elections, but some suggested him as a candidate against hardliners in the vote.

Zarif’s leaked remarks included the limits of his power and the reduction of remarks by General Kasem Soleimani, the commander-in-chief of the Iranian paramilitary Revolutionary Guard Corps, who was killed in a drone strike in Baghdad. I did.

Earlier this week, Zarif regretted leaking records as the country’s president described the breach as an incident intended to upset ongoing negotiations over a return to tattered nuclear trade with Iran’s world powers. I expressed my intention.