Shameful K-POP star Seungri pleads guilty and halves three years’ imprisonment

Former K-POP idol and member of the Big Bang, Seungri will be commuted to imprisonment after denying all but one before and pleading guilty to all charges.

Seungri facing the following nine indictments in total Burning Sun scandalHe appeared on his appeals Thursday and reportedly expressed remorse for his actions.

A 31-year-old boy, who was convicted of violating foreign exchange policies related to foreign gambling last August, was sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of 1.15 billion won (about $ 950,000). ..

Sunri’s other accusations include (1) violations of the Act on Exacerbated Penalties for Certain Economic Crimes, (2) Violations of the Act on Special Cases on Penalties for Sex Offenses, and (3) Food Violations. It was.Hygiene Act, (4) Embezzlement, (5) Customary Gambling, (6) Mediation of Prostitution, (7) Purchase of Prostitution Services, (8) Incitement to Special Violence Soompi..

On Thursday, the South Korean Armed Forces High Court held his fine after Seungri pleaded guilty to all other charges, but halved his imprisonment to one year and six months due to his new stance. rice field.

Seungri’s trial has been held in military courts since he joined the South Korean army-male requirements-even under investigation. South China Morning Post..

The Burning Sun scandal is considered by many to be the biggest controversy in K-POP history. It is named after the nightclub where Seung-Ri served as managing director and promoted prostitution, drug trafficking, and police corruption.

In addition to Seungri, several other celebrities and politicians were involved in the scandal.singer Jung Joon YoungAmong them, admitted that while having sex with a woman, she filmed herself without their consent and then shared the video in a chat room.

Twitter users have responded in various ways to reducing Seung-Ri’s ruling.

“Punk a **’s motherf * cker lied about the woman he hurt for years, and the only reason he admitted the truth was to save himself. What an absolute thing. It’s a shame. F * ck Sunri is still always. ” Twitter user I have written.

another “If you’ve been following Seungri’s case all the time, if you really know the truth, today’s verdict doesn’t have to change anything for you. Everyone who followed his case, I know he’s a scapegoat in the hands of a broken system and nothing else. “

Featured image via KBS World TV

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