“Shameful, unacceptable, and ridiculous:” Senate Republicans blocked Biden’s top Muslim candidate for the fourth time

Missouri Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Dillawal Saeed, candidates for President Biden, Deputy Director of the Small and Medium Business Administration.

Missouri Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Dillawal Saeed, candidates for President Joe Biden, Deputy Director of the Small and Medium Business Administration. Tom Williams and Eric Lisberg / AP Photo

  • The Republican Party boycotted the hearing of Biden’s top candidate, the Muslims, for the fourth time.

  • Republicans have accused Dilawar Saeed of being anti-Semitic. This is a crime refuted by a major Jewish group.

  • Advocates and Senate Democrats have accused the blockade of being “negotiated” and “personal.”

4th Senate Republican Blocked consideration Dilawar Syed, CEO of Healthcare AI Company and President of Joe Biden Candidates to serve as deputy managers of the Small and Medium Business Administration, At the Senate SME Committee. Once confirmed, Saeed will be the highest-ranking federal official practicing Muslims.

Biden’s candidates facing the blockage are not the only ones. Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have also detained many of the president’s diplomatic and national security candidates. But according to the Senate Democrats and religious advocates, this blockade is different.

“I don’t know exactly what they want,” said Senator Ben Cardin, chairman of the committee, whose Sayyid nomination remains pending. “This is a disturber and very personal to Mr. Saeed.”

“In his case, some of the arguments they raised … are unconvincing,” said Senator Hirono Majie, a Democrat of the Commission.

The GOP blockade postponed the Commission’s operations for several months as Republicans boycotted several scheduled Commission meetings to deny the Commission’s quorum and added more frustration to Democrats. bottom.

Senator Jacky Rosen told insiders, “We can discuss issues and people, but denying a quorum is fair to small business owners who need help across the country. Not. ” Democrats are trying to emphasize the need to fill the SBA’s position as SMEs are struggling to get out of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the Republicans have seized Sayyid membership on the board of directors of Emgage Action, an Islamic and American advocacy group.Harley At the beginning of the letter With other Republicans on the committee, One of the group’s press releases It described the Palestinians as “occupants” and Israel as “occupants.”

Republicans also accused Saeed of supporting the boycott, withdrawal of investment, and sanctions (BDS) movements. What Syed explicitly denied“I have a personal transaction with an Israeli company,” he said.

And POLITICO reported in August Idaho’s Republican Senator Jim Risch’s aide flagged Syid’s Pakistani heritage in a June email to committee members. Advocacy group Democratic senators emphasize it as an example of “fierce anti-Islamic prejudice” that fuels opposition to Republican candidates.

NS August letter to the committee The Citizens and Human Rights Leadership Council advertised support for the Jewish group Sayed and accused the Republican committee boycott of “religious prejudice and exclusion of foreigners.”

And Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Defamation League, who is probably the head of the most influential organization to fight anti-Semitism, Told the Daily Beast “It’s hard to see an attack on Mr. Sayyid’s candidacy because of his relationship with Emgage,” and “I need to confirm him.”

Senator Democrats generally agree.Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Said on twitter On Wednesday, Democrats “was fighting the Republican’s hateful and prejudiced campaign against this candidate.”

“It’s shameful, unacceptable, and ridiculous for Republicans to continue to get stuck in Mr. Saeed’s nomination,” Schumer said. “He is eligible to serve at SBA.”

“We can conclude that they are very prejudiced and critical,” Hirono said. “But when does it offend Republicans and oppose something?”

Cardin called the attack “personal” and “inappropriate.”

Hurley told insiders Thursday about his partnership with Sayed’s Emage. In 2019, we worked with Senator Rubio’s office to draft a bill to protect the human rights of Uighurs. -Is a “beginner”.

“There is no way to help anyone who has helped with anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic comments, especially during this time of heightened violence against Jewish Americans,” Hurley said. “No way.”

But when the insider asked about ADL’s clear support for Sayyid, Hurley simply repeated his position. “It’s my vote, it’s my responsibility,” he said.

Rubio’s office becomes an insider for comment Tweets by Republicans of the Commission It said they would not allow Sayyid to vote until the Small and Medium Business Administration tried to reclaim the PPP loan given to the planned parent-child branch. Senator Roger Marshall’s office also flagged the issue when insiders asked about the blockade.

And Senator Rand Paul, a ranking Republican of the Commission who did not sign Hurley’s letter, said: I wrote in today’s editorial His opposition to voting for Syed is also related to the PPP loan given to Planned Parenthood.

But the Senate Democrats haven’t bought that rationale either.

“Every time we try to meet their demands, they move the goalposts,” Cardin said, saying Saeed “has nothing to do with the planned parent-child relationship.”

The offices of Senator Landpole, Senator Jimlish, Senator Tim Scott, Senator Joni Ernst, Senator Jim Inhof, Senator Todd Young, and Senator John Kennedy (all on the committee) respond to requests for comment. There wasn’t.

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