Shanghai cuts transport as typhoon Chantu climbs the coast


Beijing — Flights and trains in China’s largest city, Shanghai, were canceled as typhoon Chantu brought heavy rains and strong winds to Taiwan and then climbed the coast of China on Monday.

Local media reported that all flights from two airports in Shanghai were suspended. On that day, some subway lines were closed and classes and many offices and shops were closed.

According to the China Meteorological Association, the typhoon occurred off Shanghai in the middle of the afternoon, with a maximum wind speed of 151 kilometers (94 miles) per hour.

When the center of the storm passed through the east coast of the island with winds of 162 km / h (101 mph) and gusts of 198 km / h (124 mph), Chantu hit Taiwan with rains of up to 13 centimeters (5 inches) on Sunday. Soaked and then headed north to Shanghai. ..

After raining in Shanghai, Chantu is predicted to head further north and then northeast towards South Korea and Japan.

Shanghai rain
Residents run on the streets in the rain on September 13, 2021 in Shanghai, China. (Chen Si / AP Photo)

The storm struck Luzon Island in the Philippines last week, but no floods or damage was reported.

Typhoons, called hurricanes in the North Atlantic, Central North Pacific, and Northeast Pacific, are the same meteorological phenomenon.

Typhoon Infa landed south of Shanghai in late July, disrupting flight schedules and urging the evacuation of approximately 330,000 residents of Fengxian District at the southern tip of the city.

Heavy rains and floods in July killed at least 292 people in Zhengzhou, a major city in central Henan, including those trapped in the city’s subway tunnels.

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